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Inflation Data comes out – No body likes it

Inflation for june 2011 rises to 9.4% and Inflation figure for April 2011 revised upwards to 9.74% – Sorry RBI you have not done the job right yet , taming of interest rates is not enough yet.India’s WPI based inflation for June 2011 has inched up to 9.44% from 9.06% in May 2011. The inflation for three major sub-groups such primary articles, fuel & power and manufactured products increased to 12.2%, 12.9% and 7.4% in June 2011 from 11.3%, 12.3% and 7.3%, respectively in May 2011. More importantly, the Government has continued to revise provisional figures sharply upwards. The inflation figure for April 2011 has been sharply revised upwards to 9.74% compared to 8.66% reported earlier.

Primary Articles.

-Inflation for food articles eased to 18.6% from 22.3% in May,while that for food articles was steady at 8.4%.
-Inflation for minerals surged to 27.0% in June from 11.9% in May 2011.

fuel and power group
The inflation for fuel and power group rose to 12.9% in June 2011 from 12.3% in May 2011.

-Inflation for coal and electricity was steady at 13.3% and 1.3%,
-Mineral oils increased to 16.8% in June 2011.
-In mineral oils, the inflation for petrol, diesel and LPG increased to 30.6%, 6.6% and 12.2% during June 2011.

Manufactured products group

Inflation for food products has accelerated to 8.5% in June 2011 from sub-zero level in January 2011.
Chemical products and basic metals also rose slightly to 7.4% and 8.9% in June 2011.
Inflation for machinery & machine tools, textiles and transport equipments eased to 2.9%, 14.7% and 2.2%, respectively in June 2011.

Food Inflation at 8.55 Per Cent for week ending May 14th 2011

For almost 3 weeks the Food inflation has been declining and that has halted now , food inflation surged to 8.55 per cent for the week ended May 14 from 7.47 per cent in the previous week, The main reason is increase in prices of fruits, milk and protein-based items.The fresh spike in food inflation is not good news, either for the consumer who has been groaning under the overall inflationary impact or the government which has been striving to contain the price spiral. For one, the increase in petrol prices by Rs.5 a litre with effect from May 14 is yet to be factored into the WPI (wholesale price index) data and this will be reflected in the data for the week ended May 21.

Food inflation in single digit at 9.52 Per Cent

After 3 months or so the Infaltion has fallen to single digit , The inflation data was released today and the inflation is at 9.52 per cent for the week ended February 26 on account of a decline in prices of potatoes, pulses and wheat.
Food inflation stood at 10.39 per cent in the previous week. The rate of price rise of food items has fallen to a single-digit figure for the first time since the week ended December 4, 2010, when it was 9.46 per cent.

Food Inflation at 17.05 Percent

Inflation data came out yesterday and the India’s wholesale price index (WPI)-based inflation climbed to 17.05% for the week-ended January 22 — up from the previous week’s 15.57% —This is due to price increase in essential commodities. Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee termed the rise in food prices as a matter of “grave concern.”

Crude oil prices have inched up to a 28-week high amid mounting political tension in Egypt is impacting global crude oil prices. Oil firms see this as “a worrying trend” that could lead to another petrol price hike.Vegetables as a whole became dearer by 77.05% on an annual basis followed by fruits (15.47%), egg, meat and fish (15.05%) and milk (11.41%).

Food Inflation at 18.32 – Sorry dont eat vegetables anymore

Annual inflation rate of food article prices came out yesterday and compared to previous year ,The wholesale price index, or WPI, (with base year 2004-05) for the week ended December 25 rose to 18.32 per cent from the 14.44 per cent of the preceding week.In the last one week, the prices of the humble tomato has gone up by 113%, cabbage by 127%, brinjal 95%, onion at 83% and cauliflower 70%.
“The new WPI [wholesale price-based index] has higher weight for protein sources, reflecting a changing consumption pattern. As a result, because the prices of these items are rising steadily, the inflation level has been worriedly high despite a good monsoon,”Said RBI Deputy Governor Mr.Gokarn

Its just not india It all over the world the Food Prices are increasing.

India’s Inflation stood at 14.44 Percent

India’s wholesale price-based inflation data was released on thursday and it almost shot up to 14.44 per cent for the week ended 17 December 2010, up from 12.13 per cent reported in the previous week,We all known this is because of the across-the-board jump in the prices of almost all essential commodities, including vegetables and fruits, meat, cereals and pulses as also condiments and spices.

Food Inflation at 8.69 Percent

Food Inflation which was easing for almost 8 consecutive week was marginally up and the Food prices were up 8.69% for the week from a year ago, a marginal increased from 8.6% for the previous week. The index for food articles rose 0.5% during the week, the third consecutive week of increase.Fuel price inflation remained unchanged at 9.99% from the last week, while the primary articles price index rose 12.66% compared with an annual rise of 12.72% a week earlier. The yield on ten-year benchmark paper rose only marginally to 8.12% from 8.10% on Wednesday, indicating that the uptick in the food inflation had not altered market expectations.

FOOD Inflation and WPI based Infaltion Down

The inflation for food articles eased to 12.3% in the week ended 30 November from 12.9% in the previous week, while continuing its easing trend for fourth straight week with the cumulative decline of 406 bps.The WPI based inflation for primary articles eased to 14.9% in the week ended 30 October from 15.4% in the previous, This is record for fourth sequential week its down. The inflation for primary articles has eased by 368 bps during the last four weeks from 18.5% in the week ended 02 October 2010.
Food Inflation Factor.

The index for ‘Food Articles’ group rose by 0.4% to 179.8 (Provisional) from 179.1 (Provisional) for the previous week due to higher prices of barley, fruits & vegetables and egg (2% each) and fish-inland, poultry chicken and gram (1% each). However, the prices of masur (3%), arhar, moong and urad (2% each) and bajra (1%) declined

Food Inflation at 16.44 Per Cent

Food inflation data came out today and its at increased pace to 16.44 per cent during the week ending September 18 2010 , The main reason for the raise is as the prices of cereals, fruits, select vegetables and milk rose on account of supply disruptions due to heavy rains and floods.When comparing the Week-on-week, food inflation climbed 0.98 percentage points from 15.46 per cent in the week ended September 11.So almost for 5th week the Food inflation is raising .

Inflation is on its High Both Food and Normal Inflation

Inflation data was released and this is one of the reason what my previous post is for the Inflation is going on its high like anything , the data was really bad because of Higher prices of milk, wheat, fruits and cereals , the annual inflation rate of India’s prices of food, as measured by the WPI, for the week ending September 4 was put up at 15.10 per cent from the 11.47 per cent of the preceding week.The rate of inflation for the corresponding week in the preceding year was 14.64 per cent. The annual rate of inflation, calculated on point to point basis, stood at 16.22 percent (Provisional) for the week ended 04/09/2010 (over 05/09/2009) as compared to 15.43 percent (Provisional) for the previous week (ended 28/08/2010).
The index for ‘Non-Food Articles’ group rose by 0.1 percent to 153.3 (Provisional) from 153.2 (Provisional) for the previous week due to higher prices of raw silk (13%), raw rubber (3%) and copra (2%). However, the prices of rape & mustard seed (4%), gingelly seed (sesamum) (2%) and castor seed and fodder (1% each) declined.

Inflation down but still Double digit

Inflation came down little bit for the week ending august 7th 2010 but it was still hovering in the double digit region.From 11.40 % in the last week of July, food inflation remained in double digits at 10.35 % for the week ended August 7, The main reason is Vegetables like onion and potato was down , but that down was offset by increase in prices of cereals.It was in single digit at around 9.57 during the month of july .

Inflation and Food Inflation data for week ending 17th july 2010

Inflation data has come put today and “The annual rate of inflation, calculated on point to point basis, stood at 14.50% (Provisional) for the week ended 17 July 2010 compared with 16.48% last week “.

The index for ‘Food Articles’ group rose by 0.6% to 299.3 (Provisional) from 297.6 (Provisional) for the previous week due to higher prices of fish-marine (3%), gram and milk (2% each) and mutton, urad, wheat, tea and maize (1% each). Meanwhile, the prices of fish-inland and rice (1% each) declined. The annual rate of food inflation eased to 13 months low of 9.7% in the week ended 17 July 2010 its down to a single digit now.

Inflation and Food Inflation raises Marginally

Inflation data was released previous week and it raised marginally , According to the data India’s annual food inflation rose to 12.81 % for the week ending July 3 2010,This is directly related to the hike in fuel prices in the last week of June which made pulses and cereals costlier. The food inflation was at 12.63 % previous week to July 3rd 2010.
India’s inflation was further up to 10.55 %, from 10.16 % in May, edging the Reserve bank of India closer to another hike in interest rates.We will see what they do end of this month.

Food Inflation at 17.70 Percent

Food Inflation data came oput today which was at staggering 17.70 percent compared to 16.35 percent.Reserve Bank of India (RBI) reviews its policy on April 20 not sure if they will wait till that rate for raising interest rates , we will see , but this is a sure sign of interest rates raising , already bank stock felt the ehat and it was stammered in todays market.

Food Inflation eases a little bit at 16.22

Food inflation data came out today and its at 16.22 per cent compared to 16.30 Per cent ,inflation declined marginally for the week ended March 13 to 16.22 per cent from 16.3 per cent in the previous week.The fuel group inflation for week ended March 13 unchanged at 12.68 per cent.Think we will see really a increase in Fuel group infaltion .We will see if the inflation goes down from here are else for sure RBI is going to step in again and raise some more interest rates.

RBI raised Repo and Reverse Repo Rate by .5 Per cent

RBI announced as part of efforts to control inflation worries that it has

>It has to raise the repo rate under the Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF) by 25 basis points from 4.75 per cent to 5.0 per cent with immediate effect.
>And also to raise the reverse repo rate under the LAF by 25 basis points from 3.25 per cent to 3.5 per cent with immediate effect.

These measures will try to stop the raising inflation but not sure to what extent , As liquidity in the banking system will remain adequate, credit expansion for sustaining the recovery will not be affected.It will also monitor macroeconomic conditions, particularly the price situation, and it might tale further action if its required.