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Geojit Financial Services Results – Sept 2008 QTR Net Profit Dips

Geojit Financial Services announced the results for the qtr ending september 2008 qtr , its obvious with the market falling like this the revnue is going to go down like anything , It reported a 58 % dip in its consolidated net profitto Rs 5.22 crore, from Rs 12.51 crore compared to prev year qtr.The sales rose by 2 percent to Rs 45.89 crore from Rs 47.02 crore, But sorry expenditure was too high.

Geojit Finance Results – Announces Quarter End March 2008 Results

Geojit Financial Services showed a Net Profit raise of 25.08% to Rs 7.63 crore in the march 2008 end qtr compared to same YOY qtr of rs Rs 6.10 crore .But  Sales saw a good increase of 83.43% to Rs 49.36 crore vs 26.91 crore.
For the full year, net profit rose 128.22% to Rs 48.04 crore  2008 as against Rs 21.05 crore during the previous year ended March 2007. Sales rose 82.16% to Rs 190.87 crore in 2008 as against Rs 104.78 crore during the previous year ended March 2007.