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Airtel Digital TV HD Connection is a Loser Big time

This is my personal experience , I’m hating the theme music of airtel just because i heard it almost more than i should hear waiting to connect to the customer service of airtel digital TV , just because foot ball is happening and they want reap money out of it , they introduced this HD package and they sold the machine for 2250 for old customer and new customer its more than that and 100 rs for ESPN HD channel per month for the foot ball match that’s happening , i registered on June 30th and they said everything is set and it will be available during the match time when its played live.
The customer service department sucks big time they dont know anything about HD and they lure customers saying now only espn is available and only the upgrade cost and when channels are coming it will be free of cost , that’s not first true. Till now the only thing is see in the channel 224 of Airtel digital TV is a blank screen saying subscribe to this channel and if i send a sms to subscribe to already paid channel by me, it says i should have a HD set top box , which also i have , i called on the game day now from 7.00 clock to 10.00 clock almost 300 times and the connection get cut , i just see Error Code 3 in the screen and nothing else , think they have to close the business if they don’t know what they are doing , i was a loyal customer for them Airtel , think you will lose me in another month or so and you are going to lose 7500 rs which I’m paying yearly for the subscription.