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Reliance Power Bonus Issue Full Details From Stock Exchange

Saw This more detail info of Reliance Power Bonus Issue from Bombay stock Exhchange Website.

Reliance Power Ltd has announced that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on February 24, 2008, has approved a proposal for issuing free bonus shares to all categories of shareholders, excluding the promoter group (comprising of Reliance Energy Ltd. and the ADA Group), in the ratio of 3 shares for every 5 shares held, subject to necessary approvals.
The proposed bonus offering will result in reduction of the cost of Reliance Power shares below the IPO price as follows:
Rs 269 per share for retail investors, 40% lower than the IPO price of Rs 430.
Rs 281 per share for other investors, 37% lower than the IPO price of Rs 450.
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Reliance Power Bonus – Declares 3:5 Bonus

Just saw on TV that Anil Ambani Group company Reliance Power will give free bonus shares in the ratio of 3:5 to all its shareholders to compensate the losses they suffered after the IPO listing , REL is not going to get any Bonus shares.

Reliance Power today announced a bonus isse in the ratio of 3:5., i.e three free shares for every five shares held by a shareholder.

Reliance Power Bonus – To issue Bonus Shares

It was like almost 4.30 in the evening was returning from a temple in chidambaram and was so tired with the traffic and everything , my friend called me suddenly i thought it was something official and he was like is reliance power going to issue bonus shares , I was like are you crazy he said he got an SMs and i said it should be som prank to raise the share price of Reliance power , then came home and checked the moneycontrol website and was nothing found there and finally did a search for it in google and wollah there it is yes , there is something happening with ADAG geroup either they are crazy or they are planning something really good or bad for them .

Reliance Power Ltd plans to issue bonus shares to all equity holders other than the founders, hoping to cheer retail investors after the firm’s shares tumbled following a record $3 billion IPO.Its board is scheduled to meet on Feb. 24 to consider issuing bonus shares and/or other measures which it said would effectively reduce the cost of the company’s shares.
“This will include a proposal for issuing free bonus shares to all categories of shareholders excluding the promoter group, thereby protecting investors from even short-term losses on their shareholdings,” it said.

Source : Reuter

Reliance power Down by 21 percent on the Listing day

Reliance power closed today 21 percent down today , it closed at 373.5 in the BSE comparing to 430 rs for the retailers , it had made many first time investors a poper on the listing day , no one had expected to go this below par , atleast they where expecting it to stay at par price , it even reached the low rate of 355 rs.Due to this it had brought the whole power sector down and which constiutes the Index stock.All the Reliacne group of stock where in red today .The global meltdown was the reason in this much sell off.

Reliance Power IPO Allotment

Reliance Power IPO allotment status is available now , but just everyone are trying to access it its not working that soon , its taking time to open , so try may be in the nights or try your luck now ,. infact it opens the main page easily in firefox browser for me than internet explorer . May be download firefox browser which doesnt take much time , i have given you the link to download the firefox browser here , download it install it and try it in that.

check the status here:
Reliance Power IPO Allotment status

Updates : Over 41.7 lakh successful bidders in the retail category will get around 15 shares each while approximately 4.5 lakh retail investors who bid for less than 225 shares would not get any shares according to the allocation as approved.
The excess application money of approximately Rs one lakh crore received from the investors is being refunded to the investors. Post allotment Reliance Power has approximately 42 lakh shareholders. The Equity Shares, offered through this IPO, will be listed on Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (“BSE”) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (“NSE”) shortly.

Reliance Power IPO Listing Date

Reliance power IPO which enede today got subscription only for 15 times on the retail side and so it will be firm allotment of 15 shares to all the retailers who had applied for 225 stocks , and the way how it has subscribed on the qib and fii side the stock will list at 300 to 400 rs premium , though the grey market price is coming down still we can see spme good return in the listing price , it will be a good return of investment .The listing might happen anywhere in 2nd week of Feb , come back here for more info .

Reliance Power IPO Final subscription Details

Reliance Power IPO finally got subscribed almost 73 times and on the retail side its expected around 15 times and QIBs reserved portion subscribed nearly 80 times, non institutional investors 200 times , The final figure is not out , which will be clear tomorrow , if the retail portion of 15 is true then everyone who applied for 225 shares might get 15 stocks or so we will see how it goes until tomorrow morning .

Reliance Power IPO subscribed by 24.29 times on the end of 3rd day

Reliance Power IPO subscribed by 24.29 times on the end of 3rd day and until yesterday the retail side was like 4 times or so may be today the retail might have reached around 10 or so will see tomorrow the final figure.but one thing for sure no one will be giving any more money than the initial payment of 25000 or so, as we will not get alloted even a lot of share if it goes beyond 15 times subscription on the retail side.

Reliance Power IPO Subscribed by 13 times on the 2nd day

Reliance Power IPO Subscribed by 13 times on the 2nd day,Its heard that more than 10 lakh forms have been received from retail investors for Reliance Power IPO.We will see the retail figure by today night that will give a ball park of how the retailers will get allotment but nothing is clear until the final day which is friday.

1>Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) 20.6947
2>Non Institutional Investors 6.9704
3>Retail Individual Investors (RIIs) 4.4065

Reliance Power IPO Form for NRI

Bidding in Reliance Power IPO by Eligible NRI , this is one of the IPO that can be applied by NRI and think they come under the 10 percent category Some info from the RHP for NRI
1. Bid cum Application Forms have been made available for Eligible NRIs at the registered and corporate office of the Company and Members of the Syndicate.
2. Eligible NRI applicants may please note that only such applications as are accompanied by payment in free foreign exchange shall be considered for allotment under the NRI category. The Eligible NRIs who intend to make payment through Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) accounts shall use the form meant for Resident Indians (white in colour). Non-Residents Indians require the approval of the RBI for subscribing to partly paid up Equity Shares and copy of such approval should be submitted

Reliance Power IPO Payment Options – Questions Answered

Reliance Power IPO which is like the darling of the IPO market now is the only thing that is spoken all over the place , I can see huge income to brokerage house because i have heard almost all the people saying i want to apply for the IPO and they dont have an DEMAT Account and they are trying to open a account before jan 18th 2007.There are lot of question that has arised out of the two payment options , i just went through the whole RHP document and im trying to give some answers to questions that i have asked myself .

RHP Filed by Reliance Power today with Sebi – Download here ( its 4 mb pdf , Do right click and save it to local machine )

When is the IPO opening ?

IPO opening on Jan 15th 2008 and closing on Jan 18th 2008 , just 4 days of availability

whats the Retail side of the issue

Net Issue to the Public 228,000,000 Of which Retail Portion 68,400,000

What will be the Price ?

its 405 to 450 Rs

Is there Discount for IPO ?

As im concetrating only on the retailers yes for retailers thay have promised 5 percent discount, which will be reflected on the final offer price when we get the allotment .

what is the lot size ?

15 stocks

Whats the max Retailers can apply for?

With the limit of 1 lac and not more than that for retailers its 225 stocks which is the max bid they can apply for and min bid of 15 stocks. I know you will do the math of multiplying it with 450 and say it exceeds the price , but you guys need to put in the5 percent discount if you take into picture that dicsount then 225 is the max we can apply for .

Some lines from the RHP on this .

” The Bid must be for a minimum of 15 Equity Shares and in multiples of 15 Equity Share thereafter, so as to ensure that the total Bid Amount (including revision of Bids, if any) payable by the Bidder does not exceed Rs. 100,000, net of Retail Discount. At the Cut-off Price, the maximum number of Equity Shares that can be Bid for by Retail Individual Bidders is 225. (Investors may note that Total Bid amount is not just the amount payable at application but the entire amount payable for the bid including the amount payable by Due Date for Balance Amount Payable) In case of revision of Bids, the Retail Individual Bidders have to ensure that the Bid Amount does not exceed Rs. 100,000. In case the Bid Amount is over Rs. 100,000 due to revision of the Bid or revision of the Price Band or on exercise of option to bid at Cut-off Price, the Bid would be considered for allocation under the Non-Institutional Portion. The option to Bid at Cut-off Price is an option given only to the Retail Individual Bidders indicating their agreement to Bid and
subscribe to Equity Shares at the final Issue Price as determined at the end of the Book Building Process. “

What are the Payment Options ?

There are two payment options for retailers
Payment Method-1
Amount Payable on Submission of Bid-cum-Application Form in case of Retail Individual Bidders and Non-Institutional Bidders, is Rs. 115.0 per Equity Share, such that it shall not be less than 25% of the Issue Price and Balance Amount Payable shall be paid by the Due Date for Balance Amount Payable. All Non Resident Bidders availing the option of Payment Method-1 are required to submit a copy of an approval from the RBI allowing them to subscribe to the partly-paid up Equity Shares. Under Payment Method – 1, out of the Amount
Payable on Submission of Bid-cum-Application Form, Rs. 2.5 is towards face value and Rs. 112.5 is towards premium.
Payment Method-2
Amount Payable on Submission of Bid-cum-Application Form in case of Retail Individual Bidders and Non-Institutional Bidders shall be 100% of Bid less the Retail Discount .

Some Conclusions

Make it plain simple there is one payment way where you need to pay only 25 percent that is 115 rs * 225 lot if you applying for full applicable lot of value 1 lac. and there is another payment method where you can just pay all the amount and not just 25 percent .

>> There will be no preference if you pay by method 1 or 2
>> Advantage with Payment method 2 is it get alloted to you on allotment day as fully paid stock but in payment 1 its only partially paid which get converted to fully paid after Allotment plus 28 days or so after you pay the remaining amount and the process getting over , so you cant sell it immdtly in payment 1 and you can sell it on the listing day in payment 2.
>> But in payment 1 if the ipo is fully subscribed and it would be more than full subscription then you will not get full allotment and you are given only half the lot applied or less than that , Then reliance power has the right to take the full amount for the lot alloted and if its within the 25 percent amount you had paid they will take the amount and they will send the remaining money to us , that way its advantageous for us that the stocks come as fully paid stock but just lesser quantity .
>>With this IPO this famous for sure this will get fully subscribed and may be even 15 times on the retail side then we will get only 1 lot each and will come to us as fully paid stock and we can get the remaining money back and we can sell the stock if we want on the first day .

My final Conclusion on the payment option is Payment 1 which is 25 percent payment now and remaining on allotment is good so you can use remaining fund for some other IPO.

Reliance Power IPO opening on Jan 15th 2008

Issue Details
Reliance Power to issue 26 crore equity shares of Rs 10 each
Issue Contribution :
>Promoters’ contribution of 3.2 crore Equity Shares which shall be allotted at the IPO price to the Promoters.
>The balance 22.8 crore equity shares would constitute the net issue to the public.
>The issue will constitute 11.5% and the net issue will constitute 10.1% of the post-Issue paid-up equity capital of Reliance Power.
Issue Price :
Reliance Power has fixed the price band for the IPO at Rs 405 – 450 per share.
For Retailers we can apply at 430 rs ,which is approximately less by 5% of the
issue we get at discounted rate by 20 rs.
Payment Option :
Reliance Power has also fixed convenient payment terms for all categories of investors. While QIBs are required to pay 10% on the application, the HNIs and retail investors will have the option to pay Rs 115 on the application, i.e. only approximately 25% of the issue price. The balance amount will be payable on allotment.
Issue Date :
The IPO is scheduled to open on January 15, 2008 and will close on January 18, 2008.

Reliance Power IPO may open on jan 15th 2008

Bloomberg has received news its seems that they will be opening the ipo on jan 15th and close on jan 18th 2008 and the IPO price is expected at 405 to 450 rs , not sure how much is true but we are sure that the IPO is going to open this month , and there are also rumours going around that retailers might get the IPO at a lesser rate as per SEBI guidelines which came in previous here , SEBI was suggesting the company to give it for a subsidiased price to Retailers so there participation is higher in the IPO.

Reliance Power IPO – Rated 4 out of 5 by CRISIL

Reliance Power IPO which got cleared by SEBI is now graded by CRISIL and as got a 4 on 5 rating , Crisil grades IPOs on a scale of one to five. Grade one indicates poor fundamentals, while five-on-five is given to an issue with strong fundamentals.This will add up to already market good name reliance so one can see lot of money pouring into the IPO which is planned to hit the market in jan of 2008.

Reliance Power IPO – May hit the market soon

Reliance Power IPO had got some sort of good news , its already known that the reason why it has not hit the market yet is because there are some case against it in the High Court and the court has also asked the SEBI to do some homewoprk and give some final ruling and SEBI has also responded for that now .Sebi has stated that there is a lock in of five years for the promoters i.e 5 years from the date of allotment, So may be this will taken as a positive statement by ADAG Reliance Group and they might go ahead with the IPo in the coming month .Keep ypur warchest ready for reliance power ipo.

Reliance Power IPO Dates – will it get announced on December 2nd

Reliance Power IPO Dates – will it get announced on December 2nd , there is a meeting aranged by ADAg to discuss on the funding for the Reliance power projects , do you think the dates for the IPO will also be available on that day , already tooo many rumours are floating like the ipo is 140 rs and might start on december 12th , but not a credible information from anywhere.let me know if you guys have any info.