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Saturday August 23rd 2014

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Reliance Power Bonus Issue Full Details From Stock Exchange

Saw This more detail info of Reliance Power Bonus Issue from Bombay stock Exhchange Website. Reliance Power Ltd has announced that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on February 24, 2008, has approved a proposal for issuing free bonus shares to all categories of shareholders, excluding the promoter group (comprising of [...]

Reliance Power Bonus – Declares 3:5 Bonus

Just saw on TV that Anil Ambani Group company Reliance Power will give free bonus shares in the ratio of 3:5 to all its shareholders to compensate the losses they suffered after the IPO listing , REL is not going to get any Bonus shares. Reliance Power today announced a bonus isse in the ratio of 3:5., i.e three free shares for every five shares [...]

Reliance Power Bonus – To issue Bonus Shares

It was like almost 4.30 in the evening was returning from a temple in chidambaram and was so tired with the traffic and everything , my friend called me suddenly i thought it was something official and he was like is reliance power going to issue bonus shares , I was like are you crazy he said he got an SMs and i said it should be som prank to [...]

Reliance power Down by 21 percent on the Listing day

Reliance power closed today 21 percent down today , it closed at 373.5 in the BSE comparing to 430 rs for the retailers , it had made many first time investors a poper on the listing day , no one had expected to go this below par , atleast they where expecting it to stay at par price , it even reached the low rate of 355 rs.Due to this it had [...]

Reliance Power is a Big Flop on listing day

Reliance Power opened at 547 and went o a high of 599 and a low of 426 and now trading at 403 , so its Big flop on the listing day retailers are at a very good loss. Track the stock here. (more…)

Reliance Power IPO Listing Details

Reliance Power IPO Listing Date is confirmed to the market yesterday and slated to list on Monday, February 11, 2008 BSE Script Code: 532939 NSE Symbol: RPOWER Listing in: A Group of Securities Issue Price: Rs. 450/- (Discount of 20 rs for the retailers) Face Value: Rs 10/- Per Equity Share Reliance Power Stock can be tracked here.

Reliance Power IPO listing date

Reliance Power IPO is slated to list on feb 11th 2008 , i know why its going to take so long , i also asked the same question , may be these guys are waiting for the money to reach everyone so they cant buy some more of reliance power stock on the secondary market , or you never know they will have some strategy planned before the listing on 11th [...]

Reliance Power IPO Allotment

Reliance Power IPO allotment status is available now , but just everyone are trying to access it its not working that soon , its taking time to open , so try may be in the nights or try your luck now ,. infact it opens the main page easily in firefox browser for me than internet explorer . May be download firefox browser which doesnt take much [...]

Reliance Power IPO Money Refund

Reliance Power IPO Money Refund may happen on Feb 1 2008 , i saw in cnbc today that they might do the refund starting from Feb 1 2008 , which will induce some more money into the Secondary market with Future capital also refunding the money starting this week.

Reliance Power IPO Listing Date

Reliance power IPO which enede today got subscription only for 15 times on the retail side and so it will be firm allotment of 15 shares to all the retailers who had applied for 225 stocks , and the way how it has subscribed on the qib and fii side the stock will list at 300 to 400 rs premium , though the grey market price is coming down still we [...]

Reliance Power IPO Final subscription Details

Reliance Power IPO finally got subscribed almost 73 times and on the retail side its expected around 15 times and QIBs reserved portion subscribed nearly 80 times, non institutional investors 200 times , The final figure is not out , which will be clear tomorrow , if the retail portion of 15 is true then everyone who applied for 225 shares might [...]

Reliance Power IPO Retail portion subscribed by 9 times

Reliance Power IPO Retail portion subscribed by 9 times until yesterday evening with keeping the pace how the retailers are getting subscribed one can see it may touch 15 to 20 times today .If its 15 times then we can get assured stock of 15 .

Reliance Power IPO subscribed by 24.29 times on the end of 3rd day

Reliance Power IPO subscribed by 24.29 times on the end of 3rd day and until yesterday the retail side was like 4 times or so may be today the retail might have reached around 10 or so will see tomorrow the final figure.but one thing for sure no one will be giving any more money than the initial payment of 25000 or so, as we will not get alloted [...]

Reliance Power IPO Subscribed by 13 times on the 2nd day

Reliance Power IPO Subscribed by 13 times on the 2nd day,Its heard that more than 10 lakh forms have been received from retail investors for Reliance Power IPO.We will see the retail figure by today night that will give a ball park of how the retailers will get allotment but nothing is clear until the final day which is friday. 1>Qualified [...]

Reliance Power IPO subscribed 9.5 times on the first day

Reliance Power IPO created a records that with this high equity the company has subscribed by 9.5 times on the first day, this is a huge news for the IPO , this news will get the IPO further subscribed .

Reliance Power IPO fully subscribed

Reliance Power IPO fully subscribed , its just not fully subscribed but by whooping 7 times by 11.00 clock , i have never seen this big IPO getting subscribed this crazy, infact this will make reliance power ipo more strong and it will get more intrest from everyone.

Reliance Power IPO Form for NRI

Bidding in Reliance Power IPO by Eligible NRI , this is one of the IPO that can be applied by NRI and think they come under the 10 percent category Some info from the RHP for NRI 1. Bid cum Application Forms have been made available for Eligible NRIs at the registered and corporate office of the Company and Members of the Syndicate. 2. Eligible [...]

Reliance Power IPO Payment Options – Questions Answered

Reliance Power IPO which is like the darling of the IPO market now is the only thing that is spoken all over the place , I can see huge income to brokerage house because i have heard almost all the people saying i want to apply for the IPO and they dont have an DEMAT Account and they are trying to open a account before jan 18th 2007.There are lot [...]

Reliance Power IPO opening on Jan 15th 2008

Issue Details Reliance Power to issue 26 crore equity shares of Rs 10 each Issue Contribution : >Promoters’ contribution of 3.2 crore Equity Shares which shall be allotted at the IPO price to the Promoters. >The balance 22.8 crore equity shares would constitute the net issue to the public. >The issue will constitute 11.5% and the net [...]

Reliance Power IPO may open on jan 15th 2008

Bloomberg has received news its seems that they will be opening the ipo on jan 15th and close on jan 18th 2008 and the IPO price is expected at 405 to 450 rs , not sure how much is true but we are sure that the IPO is going to open this month , and there are also rumours going around that retailers might get the IPO at a lesser rate as per SEBI [...]

Reliance Power IPO – Rated 4 out of 5 by CRISIL

Reliance Power IPO which got cleared by SEBI is now graded by CRISIL and as got a 4 on 5 rating , Crisil grades IPOs on a scale of one to five. Grade one indicates poor fundamentals, while five-on-five is given to an issue with strong fundamentals.This will add up to already market good name reliance so one can see lot of money pouring into the [...]

Reliance Power IPO – May hit the market soon

Reliance Power IPO had got some sort of good news , its already known that the reason why it has not hit the market yet is because there are some case against it in the High Court and the court has also asked the SEBI to do some homewoprk and give some final ruling and SEBI has also responded for that now .Sebi has stated that there is a lock in [...]

Reliance Power krishnapatnam project will be ready by 2013 to 2015

Reliance Power which recently bagged 16000 crore project of Ultra Mega Power of krishnapatnam will complete the 800-mw Phase 1 of Krishnapatnam UMPP in 68 months.A further four units of Krishnapatnam Ultra Mega Power Project of 800 mw each will be ready in 93 months. The entire project will be ready by 2013-15. Reports CNBC.

Reliance Power IPO Dates – will it get announced on December 2nd

Reliance Power IPO Dates - will it get announced on December 2nd , there is a meeting aranged by ADAg to discuss on the funding for the Reliance power projects , do you think the dates for the IPO will also be available on that day , already tooo many rumours are floating like the ipo is 140 rs and might start on december 12th , but not a credible [...]

Reliance Power receives LOI for Ultra Mega Power Project at Krishnapatnam

Reliance Energy Ltd (REL) has informed the market that the Company's group Company, Reliance Power Ltd, on November 30, 2007 has been awarded a Letter of Intent for the 4,000 MW imported-coal based Ultra Mega Power Project at Krishnapatnam Andhra Pradesh, which will have an estimated capital outlay of Rs 20,000 crore.Totally they have project [...]

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