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Monday September 1st 2014

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CLARIS LIFESCIENCES LIMITED IPO Opens for Subscription today

About Claris Lifescience Claris Lifesciences is one of the largest sterile injectables pharmaceutical companies in India with a market presence in 76 countries worldwide. We primarily manufacture and market products across multiple markets, and therapeutic segments. A significant majority of these products are generic drugs that are capable of [...]

Cupid Limited receives Order for Rs. 9.63 Crore

Cupid Ltd has informed the marke that the Company has been awarded order for Supply 61.24 Million pcs of condoms (Nirodh) from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India aggregating amounting to Rs. 963.38 Lacs.

Suven Life Sciences on High – After Patent Approval

Suven Life Sciences informed the market that it has secured 5th product patent from US patent office for their NCE to treat Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders, With this new patent , Suven has a total of 5 granted US product patents for their NCEs in CNS therapy. These granted patents are exclusive intellectual property of Suven. [...]

Cadila Healthcare Bonus Issue – Record Date Announced

Cadila Healthcare Ltd has informed the market that the board has come out with April 06, 2010 as Record Date for the purpose of determining the members entitle to Bonus equity shares as recommended by the Board and approved by the shareholders in proportion of one new equity share of Rs. 5/- each fully paid-up for every two equity shares of Rs. [...]

Cadila Healthcare Bonus Issue

Cadila Healthcare Ltd (CHL) has informed the market that the company has come out with a decision on the meeting that was held on on Feb 25th hat they will allocate 1 (One) Equity Share of Rs. 5/- each fully paid-up for every 2 (Two) Equity Shares of Rs. 5/- each based on the record date that will eb announced later.

Strides Arcolab launches Starflu – Swine Flu Cure

Strides Arcolab Ltd has informed the market that they have launched on Retail basis of Starflu (Oseltamivir) for the treatment of 'Influenza - A (H1N1).This will be now available in all registered pharma shops.This has given some hike in stock prize , this is second company to come out with retail launch of swine flu cure.

Natco Pharma launches Swine Flu medicine NatFlu

Natco Pharma launches Swine Flu medicine NatFlu

Natco Pharma launches Swine Flu medicine its medicine and not a Vaccine , Its called NatFlu which is generic version of TamiFlu - Oseltamivir whioch is considered as a cure for Swine Flu .They are costing 480 rs per Bottle which has 10 capsules and they said its available in all licensed Pharmacies.

Pharma Stocks – Natco Pharma , Orchid Chemicals and Anuh Pharma Spurts on News

>Natco Pharma rose after the US drug regulator accepted new drug application from its partner Mylan Inc for a generic version of Teva Pharmaceutical' blockbuster Copaxone >Anuh Pharma rose after the company said its manufacturing facility will receive European Good Manufacturing Practices certificate. >Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals rose [...]

Panacea Biotec wins order worth 1000 crore from UNICEF

Panacea Biotec Ltd has informed the market that the Company has received a largest order from UNICEF for 3 years starting from 2010 for supply of its EasyFive (pentavalent vaccine),the orderis valued around USD 222.37 million (over Rs 1,067 Crores). What is EasyFive Vaccine from Panacea EasyFive is world's first fully liquid pentavalent vaccine [...]

Divis Lab went up by 30 rs after company clears speculation

Divis lab which was battered almost for 2 days because of poor qtr performance had also other bad news that was spread by mails and messages circulating regarding an alleged pledging of promoter's shareholding in the Company with India Bulls or some institution, After this Divi's clarified it to the stock exchange that there is no pledge, [...]

Dabur India buys into Fem Care Pharma

Dabur India informed the market that they had bought 72.15% stake in Fem Care Pharma for Rs 203.7 crore ,which will be paid in full cash , They want to use this as the platform to enter into skin care market.They still have to buy an addtional 20 percent stake in Fem care which is required by takeover regulations act of india.Fem care Pharma [...]

Panacea Biotec receives order worth 140 crore (Approx) from UNICEF

Panacea Biotec informed the market that it has received order worth 35 million US dollars from UNICEF to supply pentavalent vaccines, the order is almost worth 140 crore rs in indian money, This is forst time i have seen a unicef order coming to a indian medical company .On the financial side The company's net profit fell 27.9% to Rs 34.05 crore [...]

Biocon Results – Announces Qtr Ending June 2008-2009 results

Biocon net profit declines 33.10% to Rs 30.01 crore in the first Qtr for june ending 2008-2009 compared to  Rs 44.86 crore in same QOQ Previous year 2007. Sales declined 2.74% to Rs 221.18 crore in the first Qtr for june ending 2008-2009 compared to  Rs 227.40 crore in same QOQ Previous year 2007.

Jubilant Organosys Results – Announces QTR Results for june 2008

Jubilant Organosys announces its first QTR Results for 2008-2009.Net profit was at Rs 12.76 crore versus Rs 142.9 crore when compared to the same QTR for previous year , ok i understand is the figure wrong or something no it is right they had a huge forex loss of 107.6 crore this qtr but the same was like 82 crore gain previous year same qtr. Q1 [...]

Orchid Chemicals in the verge of Takeover

So on thursday ranbaxy was down like to 216 rs because ranbaxy told the market that they are not interested in hostile takeover , may be thats the strategy they say it and get orchid chemical price down and had Solrex acquire 3.32% stake in Orchid Chemicals on Friday, reports CNBC-TV18. The company shareholding in the Indian Pharmaceuticals major [...]

Orchid Pharma Japan – Orchid Subsidiary in Japan

Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd has informed the market that the Company is announcing, on April 10, 2008 the formation of its wholly owned subsidiary in Japan called Orchid Pharma Japan K K (Orchid Japan). Orchid Japan, is headquartered in Tokyo, will drive Orchid's foray into the high potential and growing Japanese generics market.

Orchid Chemicalc Falls down after Ranbaxy Comments

Ranbaxy commented that they don't believe in hostile takeover , this statement was enough to sell orchid chemicals which rose from prev week of 140 rs or so to this weeks 240 rs .There was speculation that Solrex Pharmaceuticals, which recently increased its holding in Orchid to 11.4% is controlled by Ranbaxy. Orchid stock had spurted in the last [...]

Orchid Chemicals down by almost 40 percent

Orchid Chemicals was hammered today by 40 percent or so and its trading at 128 and it closed the market on friday at 208.60 , infact hindu has reconmmended a Buy on this stock on saturday .The traded quantity in the stock is unusally high. Hindu Recommends a Buy for Orchid Chemicals on saturday Update: Reason for the sell off The Orchid [...]

Nicholas Piramal gets new Logo

Nicholas Piramal gets new Logo

Nicholos piramal which changed its name to Piramal Healthcare like previous week or so now has a new identity or logo , They call the identity as a Gyan Mudra .The stock price of Nicholos piramal went up by 16.50 rs or 6 percent in BSE today.You can see the new Gyan Mudra identity of Piramal Healthcare in the picture below.

Aurobindo Pharma – Research Report – Best Buy

Aurobindo Pharma – Research Report – Best Buy

About Aurobindo Pharma One of the largest API manufacturers in Asia, Aurobindo Pharma has commercialised over hundred APIs. Aurobindo's products are spread over six major areas encompassing Antibiotics, Anti-Retro Virals, CVS, CNS, Gastroenterologicals, and Anti-Allergics. Aurobindo’s R & D strengths lie in developing [...]

Nicholas Piramal Name to be changed to Piramal Healthcare Ltd

Nicholas Piramal India Ltd informed the market that  at its meeting held on March 03, 2008, has approved the proposal for change of name of the Company from "Nicholas Piramal India Ltd" to "Piramal Healthcare Ltd".The Health Sector dint see much red sides today and this scrip also dint go much down today.

Shansun Chemicals up after agreement with Merck

Shasun Chemicals & Drugs Ltd saw some movement in the price today after it informed the market that they have entered into a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Merck & Co., Inc.This will bring more business from Merck.

Jubilant Organosys bags new contract worth 368 crore

Jubilant Organosys Ltd informed the market that it has bagegd new contracts worth US $ 92 million for its Proprietary Products and Exclusive Synthesis segment under CRAMS business for the present calendar year (CY 2008).

Bliss GVS Pharma declares Dec 2007 QTR Results

Bliss GVS Pharma rose 5433.33% to Rs 8.30 crore in Qtr Dec 2007 compared to Rs 0.15 crore QOQ in Dec 2006. Sales rose 2084.31% to Rs 22.28 crore in Qtr Dec 2007 compared to Rs 1.02 crore QOQ in Dec 2006.

Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals declares qtr Dec 2007 results

Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals rose 91.07% to Rs 54.11 crore in qtr Dec 2007 as against Rs 28.32 crore in qtr Dec 2006. Sales rose 39.36% to Rs 332.69 crore in qtr Dec 2007 as against Rs 238.73 crore in qtr Dec 2006.

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