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Friday August 22nd 2014

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IIP Number released for December 2010

The highly expected IIP Numbers came out today , they had been expecting that it would give so end to the slumping market or may be just fuel the market more to go down , the IIP numbers for the month of December 2010 were just 1.6% higher when compared to December 2009. Central Statistics Office of Ministry of Statistics and Programme [...]

GDP Growth is at 8.8 Per Cent for First QTR 2010-2011

GDP groth rate data came out today and the First quarter GDP growth rate for a year 2010-11 has come at 8.8% compared with 8.6% last quarter.This is really high compared to the growth rate of 6% in the first quarter 2009-10. Sector Wise Growth Agriculture sector has recorded a growth of 2.8% compared to 0.7% (QoQ), Manufacturing grew by 12.4% [...]

Indian Industrial Production at 17.6 Percent during April 2010

India's industrial production data came out yesterday the data was good was below the December 2009 highest but above the economist prediction of 13 %. Help from the manufacturing output, the Industrial Production increased 17.6 Percent in April 2010. Growth of 55.6 Percent in Machinery and Equipment Growth of 51.9 Percent in 'Metal [...]

Indian GDP grow 7.4 Percent in 2009 -2010 – Better than Expected

There was some news to cheer on the GDP side yesterday and that was the Growth of fy 2009-2010 GDP and it is at 7.4 percent , Double-digit industrial growth saw the Indian economy expanding 7.4 per cent in 2009-10,gross domestic product (GDP) was Rs 44,64,081 crore (at 2004-05 prices), bettering the earlier government estimate of 7.2 per cent [...]

Food Inflation at 17.70 Percent

Food Inflation data came oput today which was at staggering 17.70 percent compared to 16.35 percent.Reserve Bank of India (RBI) reviews its policy on April 20 not sure if they will wait till that rate for raising interest rates , we will see , but this is a sure sign of interest rates raising , already bank stock felt the ehat and it was stammered [...]

Food Inflation reaches another High

Food inflation data was released today and the food inflation covers wholesale prices of lentils, rice, vegetables and other food articles has increased to 17.94 percent in the week to Jan. 30 from a year earlier , it was at 17.56 percent previous week.

Food inflation at 17.56 Percent for week ending Jan 23rd 2010

India’s food inflation data came out on Thursday and the food inflation index which is a measuring wholesale prices of lentils, rice, vegetables and other food articles increased 17.56 % in the week to Jan. 23 from a year earlier, and it was at 17.4 % gain the previous week.

CRR hiked by 75 basis points – RBI Announced

Credit policy meeting outcome has come out and they have raised the CRR by 75 basis points , RBI has increased cash reserve ratio by 75 bps to 5.75 Percent , the hike would happen in two stages, the first stage of hike of 50 bps will be effective from February 13 and the next 25 bps from February 27. RBI has not touched the the reverse repo rate [...]

Inflation at 7.31 Percent , Food Inflation at 17.40 Percent

Food inlfation which is of worry for us is at 17.40 Percent which was down for 3 consecutive weeks, While the Fuel inlfation was at 5.70 percent.While the annual Inflation was at 7.31 percent in December 2009, compared with 4.78 percent in November and 6.15 percent a year ago.

Inflation at 7.31 Per Cent in December

Infaltion data was released today and the inflation went higher up to 7.31 Per Cent .The WPI food articles inflation has inched lower to 17.2% from 18.2% a week ago.Kotak Securities has commented saying inflation might go to 9 Per Cent by March 2010.

Index of Industrial production at 11.7 percent for November 2009

Index of industrial production was relased and it again at 2 digit figure which is a good sign . The industrial output grew at 11.7 Percent in November 2009 which is way high compared to 2.53 percent growth in November 2008.

Inflation at 4.85 Percent

Annual rate of Inflation is provisionally calculated at 4.85 per cent for the week ending December 26th 2009 compared with 4.45 per cent last week and (-) 0.75 Percent during week ending Deember 27th 2008.Food inflation has come down slightly to 18.22 per cent for the week ended December 26 , Not sure how its calculated all the pulses and [...]

IIP – Index of industrial production is at 10.3 Percent

The index of industrial production for the month of October 2009 was released and its at 10.3 percent , most of the analysers are not happy with this growth because they expected more on back of good GDP Number , but still 2 didigit growth is good and we can consider worst is over.September IIP revised to 9.6 percent versus 9.1 percent and [...]

GDP growth erases Dubai Debt Fear

Indian market which was expected to may be either crash or go down by some points , showed a positive mood after the GDP growth was released for india.India's GDP (Gross domestic product) for the 2nd QTR grew at 7.9 percent compared with 6.1 percent in second quarter of 2008. GDP Data >Mining and quarrying at 9.5%, >Manufacturing at [...]

RBI hiked SLR by 1 Percent – What is SLR Rate

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) which came out with quarterly monetary policy review today on october 27th 2009 , has decided to keep all the key rates like repo or reverse repo and the CRR steady and has hiked the statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) to 25% from 24%. What is SLR (Statutory Liquidity Ratio) : This is infact to protect us , RBI demands [...]

Inflation stood at .70 percent for week ending september 28 2009

Inflation data was released yesterday and the official Wholesale Price Index for ‘All Commodities' (Base: 1993-94 = 100) for the week that ended on september 26th 2009 declined almost by 0.1 % to 243.0 from 243.3 for the previous week. The Annual rate of inflation stood at .70 percent declining from .83 percent for the previous week [...]

Inflation still shows negative numbers

Inflation data was released and the official Wholesale Price Index for 'All Commodities' (Base: 1993-94 = 100) for the week ended 29th August 2009 rose by 0.2% to 241.1 from 240.7 for the previous week. The annual rate of inflation stood at -0.12% during the week ended 29 August 2009. 52 week average inflation for the week ended 29 August 2009 [...]

Inflation still in Negative range -1.58 Percent

Inflation data was release today and the wholesale price index (WPI) remained in the negative range for 7th or 8th week now it declined to 1.58 percent in the year through 25 July 2009 .

Inflation at negative 1.21 percent

Inflation data was release today and for the fifth straight week the inflation is in negative(Deflation).The annual rate of inflation, calculated on point-to-point basis, is at -1.21 percent for the week ended 4 July 2009 as compared to -1.55 Percent for the previous week and 12.19 Percent during the corresponding week of the previous year.

Deflation – Inflation in Negative at 1.61 Percent

Inflation for the first time in almost 80 years in negative zone , we know it has been moving around near or sub zero level and finally it has entered into negative zone for the first time since 1976-77.Inflation rate , calculated on point to point basis, stood at -1.61 % for the week ended 6 June 2009 as compared to 0.13 % for the previous week [...]

IIP – Index of Industrial Production rose 1.4 Percent in april 2009

Industrial production for April 2009 has been released and its at 1.4 percent which is good sign because it has been in declining almost 3 times in past four months. >IIP rose 1.4% in April from a revised 0.75% decline in March 2009. >Industrial output rose 2.4% in the 2008/09 fiscal year (April-March), down from a revised 8.5% in 2007/08. [...]

GDP for March ending QTR 2009 is at 5.8 Percent

GDP numbers came out today and it came as a relief to the market , the Q4 March 2009 GDP is at 5.8 percent and considering previous QTR growth of 5.3 percent , its improving we have to say .But when you compare to year ago same time growth of 8.6 percent its too low.When it comes to the total year ending 2008-2009 the GDP is at 6.9 percent which [...]

Govenment of India – Main Cabinet Ministers Announced

Yesterday Dr Manmohan Singh took over as our twenty-first Prime Minister of India and today they have announces the Key Portfolios of UPA government . Portfolio allocation:Cabinet Ministers Announced >Shri Pranab Mukherjee : Minister of Finance >Shri Sharad Pawar : Minister of Agriculture Minister of Food & Civil [...]

Inflation announced for week ending january 3 2009

Inflation data came out yesterday for the week ending January 3rd 2009 , sorry for getting the new so late .The inflation is found down at at 5.24% for week ending 3 January 2009 which is considered lower compared to previous week's 5.91% rise.

Government of India Announces Various Package For Industrial and Economic Growth

First it was rate cut and now they have told they will almost spend 20000 crore in various packages that will help in boosting the industrial and economic growth which are else is slowing down because of global meltdown.These are the following packages they have come out with. - Plan, non-plan expenditure of Rs.300,000 crore (Rs.3,000 billion/$60 [...]

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