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Market in Deep Red for 3rd straight day

Market which is battered across all the sector is in deep red for the third day or so.Market might be factoring the Inflation worries and also the earnings worries because of slowdown in growth.

And also Foreign investors have been pulling out money from Indian equities; they were net sellers of around Rs 5,000 crore so far in year 2011 which is just almost 20 days oif business may be,As you know that RBI was hinting that if there is growth in western economy FII would pull out money out of market to invest in the western market.

Indian Stock Market in the year 2010

The BSE Sensex jumped 3,044.28 points or 17.43% in calender 2010. The S&P CNX Nifty surged 933.45 points or 17.94% in 2010, as foreign funds made record purchases of Indian stocks.

Open High Low Close Change %
Sensex 17,473.45 21,108.64 15,651.99 20,509.09 3,035.64 17.37%
Midcap 6,746.69 8,791.10 6,276.91 7,802.71 1,056.02 15.65%
Smallcap 8,393.77 11,366.68 7,926.82 9,670.31 1,276.54 15.21%
Auto 7,477.72 10,536.92 6,721.57 10,235.41 2,757.69 36.88%
Bankex 10,066.40 15,108.27 9,137.36 13,379.73 3,313.33 32.91%
FMCG 2,802.17 3,799.69 2,646.32 3,684.12 881.95 31.47%
IT 5,204.97 6,845.09 4,758.86 6,824.82 1,619.85 31.12%
Metal 17,466.97 18,736.77 13,827.74 17,595.86 128.89 0.74%
Oil & Gas 10,367.54 11,270.27 8,940.07 10,601.42 233.88 2.26%
Power 3,202.31 3,393.32 2,767.57 2,988.56 -213.75 -6.67%
PSU 9,569.51 10,708.33 8,578.42 9,460.63 -108.88 -1.14%
Realty 3,878.02 4,203.62 2,454.52 2,856.22 -1,021.80 -26.35%

Some Noted Points

>Foreign funds bought shares worth a massive Rs 2352.70 crore on Thursday, 30 December 2010. The inflow reached Rs 2049.60 crore in December 2010 and Rs 133266 crore in calendar 2010.
>Combined advance tax payment by top 100 corporate taxpayers rose 18.7% to Rs 27,531 crore in Q3 December 2010 over Q3 December 2009, indicating better corporate performance in the third quarter this year.
>Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), the biggest domestic institutional investor, reduced its purchases considerably over the past couple of months, after a couple of its investment decisions came under a cloud.

Sensex above 21000 on the Diwali Day

Sensex on the eve of Muharat Trading saw a very good ride and all the 1 hr it was trading was above 21000 points lifetime high and a historical reach , Sensex responded to the global CUE and closed above the historical level.

Bombay Stock Exchange’s Sensex ended at 21004.96, up 111.39 points or 0.53 per cent. The index hit a high of 21108.64 and low of 20961.98 in today’s trade.

National Stock Exchange’s Nifty closed at 6312.45, up 30.65 points or 0.49 per cent. The broader index touched high of 6338.50 and low of 6303.10 in today’s trade.

Bombay Stock Exchange Puts Google Ads for Revenue – BSEIndia shows Google ads

Bseindia like any other global stock exchange website started seeing revenues through Google ads , it was just today when i opened the website i saw google ads in the website , first i thought I opened a different website.

Bombay stock exchange is one of the oldest Asian Stock exchange.We already know that almost 1 million people visit the website every other day and almost million pages are viewed, Its the Indian population that is turning out to be business here.Google has come into collaboration with BSE website for now the ads could be of financial products when quotes are searched for banking stocks and of mobile phones for telecom stock pages.

The exchange sold a 4 per cent stake on Friday to billionaire investor George Soros for about USD 35 million (over Rs 160 crore).Currently, foreign investors hold a 30 per cent stake in BSE, lower than the permissible limit of 49 per cent.

United Stock Exchange – Derivatives Exchange of India

United Stock Exchange, India’s newest stock exchange, marks the beginning of a new chapter in the development of Indian financial markets.In collaboration with BSE as a strategic partner opened the Newest Derivatives exchange of India.

USE represents the commitment of ALL 21 Indian public sector banks, respected private banks and corporate houses to build an institution that is on its way to becoming an enduring symbol of India’s modern financial markets.
USE also boasts of Bombay Stock Exchange, as a strategic partner. As Asia’s oldest stock exchange, BSE lends decades of unparalleled expertise in exchange technology, clearing & settlement, regulatory structure and governance. Leveraging the collective experience of its founding partners, USE has developed a trustworthy and state of the art exchange platform that provides a truly world class trading experience.In the years to come, USE aims to become India’s most preferred stock exchange, providing a range of sophisticated financial instruments for diverse market participants to trade on and manage their risks efficiently.
Know more about United Stock Exchange from here.

Sensex crashes by 490 points

When the market opened today i almost heard 2 to 3 FII saying indian market is safe not much of downside is not there atleast compared to other world market , i was like ya they say this all the time and on the back they sell the stock to have the market crash , same thing happened today again this doesnt have anything to do with FII statements but , today the market was like battered across all the segment.

In the above image you can see , i had taken this from capitalmarket website , the market was fully in red there was no chance for recovery.The worst hit in todays market was those which has something to do with bank interest rates like realty, auto and banks ahead of Reserve Bank of India’s policy meet.
Index and Forex Rate

SENSEX 16289.82 -490.64
NIFTY 4853.10 -154.80
RS/$ 46.18 0.01

Sector Wise Indices Data sorted from low hit sector on top

Index Current Value Change (%)
FMCG 2,783.74 -0.71
OIL&GAS 9,848.10 -1.66
CD 3,780.59 -1.74
IT 4,991.76 -2.54
TECk 3,185.35 -2.61
CG 13,001.16 -2.82
POWER 3,002.68 -2.88
HC 4,690.29 -3.01
PSU 9,346.92 -3.81
BANKEX 9,296.34 -4.19
AUTO 6,897.71 -4.78
METAL 16,050.57 -5.82
REALTY 3,357.25 -7.97

Change in Market Timing both in BSE and NSE from January 4th 2009

This is to inform that from January 4th 2009 ,Both NSE and BSE have decided to have the market start opening from 9.00 AM in the morning and have it run until 3.30 PM , this is giving almost 1 hour extra time , this is good news , i always wanted the market to open at 9.00 which will kind of make you busy from 8.30 itself , rather than the normal 9.30 getting rady for the 10.00 clock market , all the TV channels have to change there program timing to adjust to this new change in Market timing , Atleast this New Year 2010 will bring some of the lazy from bed sooner than before who are market watchers.

2010 Bombay stock exchange BSE Holiday Calendar

2010 Bombay stock exchange Holiday list

Holidays Date Day Day
1 New Year 1st January 2010 Friday
2 Republic Day 26th January 2010 Tuesday
3 Mahashivratri 12th February 2010 Friday
4 Holi (2nd Day) 1st March 2010 Monday
5 Ram Navmi 24th March 2010 Wednesday
6 Good Friday 2nd April 2010 Friday
7 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti 14th April 2010 Wednesday
8 Ramzan Id 10th September 2010 Friday
9 Diwali Amavasya (Laxmi Puja) 5th November 2010 Friday
10 Bakri-Id 17th November 2010 Wednesday
11 Moharum 17th December 2010 Friday

Mid Month Expiry of Index,Stock Futures and Options.

This is like one of the big change sensex has brought in for index futures and options and Stock futures and options.They have decided to change the expiry of all monthly index futures and options from last Thursday of the month to the third last Thursday of each contract month. Further, expiry date of all Weekly Options Contracts presently available for trading will also be changed from cycle of Monday – Friday to cycle of Friday – Thursday, i.e. expiry on Thursday instead of Friday. The details are given below:
Changes explained for Monthly and Weekly Futures and Options Contracts
Monthly Futures and Options Contracts

1) Monthly Futures and Options contracts of ALL INDICES presently available (Sensex, Mini Sensex, BSE TECK, BSE Oil & Gas and BSE Bankex) for F&O trading for the months of October 2009 and November 2009 expiring on Oct 29 and Nov 26, respectively will retain their existing expiry dates.
2) The December 2009 contract presently expiring on December 31, 2009 will be compulsorily expired on Thursday October 29, 2009 and a fresh December contract with expiry date of December 17, 2009 will be generated.
3) Also on Thursday, October 29, 2009 (expiry of October 2009 contract), the January 2010 contract to be generated will have expiry date as January 14, 2010.

Weekly Options Contracts

1) The change will be in ALL Weekly Options contracts (Sensex, Mini Sensex, RIL, SBI and TISCO) presently available at the exchange.
2) From Monday, November 16, 2009, Weekly Options contracts will be available on Sensex and mini Sensex plus on underlying stocks RIL, SBI and TISCO with expiry date of Friday, Nov 27, 2009, as per current practice.
3) However, from Friday, November 20, 2009, a fresh two-weekly contract is to be generated with expiry date of Thursday, December 3, 2009. Thereafter all SENSEX AND MINI SENSEX AND CONTRACTS ON RIL, TISCO AND SBI WEEKLY OPTION CONTRACTS will be generated every Friday with a two-week expiry.

The trading members may note that, wherever the expiry of a Weekly Option Contract coincides with the expiry of a Monthly Option Contract, the respective Weekly Option Contract will NOT BE AVAILABLE, as the remainder expiry time of the monthly contract will make it akin to a Weekly contract.
In case any members require any clarification, they are requested to please contact their respective Relationship Manager or the BSE F&O helpdesk on 022-2272 3768 or Suhel Plasar (22728436) or Shivam Gupta (22728346) from Market Operations Team.

Sensex UP by 507 points

Not sure what changed from yesetrday to today , it was down by 493 points yesterday and up by 507 points today , if you sum it up its like no loss no gain.Global markets recovered today and also comments by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday, 3 November 2009, that there are no immediate plans to place curbs on capital inflows.Stock that brought down the index yesterday are all up in green .

Muhurat Trading Info and Happy Diwali Wishes

Happy Diwali Wishes to Eevryone and Please have a Safe and Sound Diwali .
>Lakshmi Puja and Muhurat Trading on Saturday, October 17, 2009
>Lakshmi Puja : 4:00 PM Onwards
Muhurat Trading Session Details:

Session Start at :
Login –> 05 : 15 p.m. 06 : 15 p.m.
Continuous Trading –> 06 : 15 p.m. 07 : 15 p.m.
Closing –> 07 : 15 p.m. 07 : 25 p.m.
Post Closing –> 07 : 25 p.m. 07 : 45 p.m.

Hot Stocks in BSE – Tag Cloud in

Now with the help of bseindia we are able to provide hot stocks in bse by turnover, by volume,by upper freeze, by 52 week high , we are able to provide a cloud of all these stocks on the main page of you see on the right hand side of the screen we have this section when you click on the stock it will stay why its hot in bse and further clicking will go to the bseindia market watch page of that particular stock . hot stocks in bse

Sensex hit 10 month high – after Prime Ministers comment on Economic growth

Sensex went high almost 460 points or so to close today at 15127 up by 3.14 percent and which is almost 600 points up from todays low , until 11 or 12 the market was in red and after that it jumped and dint see red at all .
The sensex started climbing after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said that India will achieve an economic growth of at least 7% this fiscal and promised more resources for areas like infrastructure and public services. “In last one year our economy was affected and our growth rate declined to about 7%,” the Prime Minister told the Lok Sabha, replying to the motion of thanks on President Pratibha Patil’s address to both houses of Parliament.

Market Reached 8 month high – Sensex update for the week

Market reached today for 12th straight week closing postive when yo do a overall week , the market has reached the 8 month high.Backed by strong economic reforms by the newly elected United Progressive Alliance (UPA) governmentand recovery of global market in this week has helped the market to move on the postive range in 4 out of 5 days .Previous week it started as if the sensex main indices would support the sensex to grow , but this week , it was Small and Midcap indices that outperformed the sensex.
Todays market was supported by GDR data that was talked about in my previous post.
Week Update

On a whole the 30-share BSE Sensex gained 738.10 points or 5.31 percent to 14,625.25 for this week ended Friday, 29 May 2009 and Nifty jumped 210.45 points, or 4.96 Percent, to end the week at 4448.95 .

Year to dat update

BSE Sensex has surged 4977.94 points or 51.59 percent Year to date.If you want more statistical punch then the sensex from a 3-year closing low of 8,160.40 which was on 9 March 2009 , sensex is almost up by 6465 points or 79 percent.

Why Market went up by more than 500 points ?

Sensex ended up 3.83 percent or 520.41 points at 14109.64. The Advance-Decline ratio stood at 7:1. Realty, Banking, Power, Metal and Capital Goods sectors surged in today’s trade. Realty ended up 6.17%, Banking ended up 5.15%, Power ended up 4.92, Metal ended up 4.45% and Capital Goods ended up 4.14%.Major Index gainer was Reliance Infra, which ended up 14.79%. Other index gainers were Sterlite Industries, DLF, ONGC, Grasim Industries, Ranbaxy Labs, ICICI Bank and JP Associates.
Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee helped the sensex to have a another big leap by organizing a press conference.

>The government will try to complete the budget process before July 31 and will present budget in the first week of July.
>He said that reviving the economy growth momentum is the top most priority of the government.
>Fiscal prudence has also to be kept in mind.
>He said the government is assessing an impact of 3 doses of economic stimulus which have been given already. >He said the Industrial business has been hurt by the cost of funds and availability and for that he wants the banks to commit to more plan of action and said will talk to the bankers regarding the intrest rate in which they give loans to these industries.
>He further said that the government will focus on infrastructure in the Union Budget.
>The pipeline of infra projects will be re-appraised.
>He said the Budget will streamline the norms to boost the core sector investment.
>He said that the government is focussed on fiscal consolidation over the next 2-3 years.
>He Said that the government will address measures for financial sector and will make anti-money laundering regime stronger.
>He said that Incremental government borrowing will continue this fiscal year.
>He feels that the growth of 6.5-7% is a respectable rate.
>Debt management office is under consideration. He hopes that the banks will take advantage of RBI rate cuts.
>He said the government will address export oriented sectors like Textiles, Jewellery & Leathers, he added.

He almost touched those sector which needs good push to grow and not go in negative path.

Record Date announced on January 28 2009 for interim dividend

Record Date announced today for the purpose of interim dividend

Record date for National Aluminium Company for the purpose of interim dividend announced is 13 February 2009
Record date for Indo Tech Transformers for the purpose of second interim dividend announced is 12 February 2009
Record date for Gujarat Reclaim & Rubber Products for the purpose of interim dividend announced is 17 February 2009
Record date for Great Eastern Shipping Company for the purpose of interim dividend announced is 11 February 2009

Sensex and NSE to remain Close thursday after terrorist attack in mumbai

Sensex and NSE to remain Close Thursday after terrorist attack in mumbai,earlier it was told they might have the NSE running and everyone can come there and do the trading now sebi has announced both eh market will remain close due to terrorist attack in various places.Trading on Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange markets will remain closed on Thursday.RBI will soon decide if there will me money market or not.

Sensex crosses 9000 points

Sensex after a very volatile session closed at 9,026.72 index climbed 331.19 points.The sensex was almost up in the last 1 hr , The banking stock helped the sensex reach this level today.ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank shooting up almost more than 8 percent.Anyway tomorrow was settlement in the derivatives segment so they would have tried to long pending position which would have had the stock to reach this level.At least it closed above the 9000 level.
Tomorrow will be more interesting as the Inflation data is coming and everyone are expecting anytime from RBI to cut the CRR.

Sensex Down again after surging 200 points or so

Sensex which had almost surged 200 points from starting is in red now , The market opened the day with support from US market and the Stimulas package that was given to Citibank , but now its almost at red .European market is kind of choppy and may be Sensex is retariating that.Yesterday Finance Minister P Chidambaram said that India is likely(common say it will no likely here)to miss the revenue and fiscal deficit targets in the current financial year as the government wants to spend additional money to boost the aggregate demand in the economy which has shown signs of slowing down. Thus, he said, the Centre would have to go for additional borrowings this year to meet higher expenditure. Higher government borrowing will restrict a further fall in interest rates. So all these line means there is more cut thats in the way.