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Thursday August 28th 2014

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Market in Deep Red for 3rd straight day

Market in Deep Red for 3rd straight day

Market which is battered across all the sector is in deep red for the third day or so.Market might be factoring the Inflation worries and also the earnings worries because of slowdown in growth. And also Foreign investors have been pulling out money from Indian equities; they were net sellers of around Rs 5,000 crore so [...]

Indian Stock Market in the year 2010

Indian Stock Market in the year 2010

The BSE Sensex jumped 3,044.28 points or 17.43% in calender 2010. The S&P CNX Nifty surged 933.45 points or 17.94% in 2010, as foreign funds made record purchases of Indian stocks. Open High Low Close Change % Sensex 17,473.45 21,108.64 15,651.99 20,509.09 3,035.64 17.37% Midcap 6,746.69 [...]

Sensex above 21000 on the Diwali Day

Sensex above 21000 on the Diwali Day

Sensex on the eve of Muharat Trading saw a very good ride and all the 1 hr it was trading was above 21000 points lifetime high and a historical reach , Sensex responded to the global CUE and closed above the historical level. Bombay Stock Exchange’s Sensex ended at 21004.96, up 111.39 points or 0.53 per cent. The index hit a high of 21108.64 [...]

Bombay Stock Exchange Puts Google Ads for Revenue – BSEIndia shows Google ads

Bombay Stock Exchange Puts Google Ads for Revenue – BSEIndia shows Google ads

Bseindia like any other global stock exchange website started seeing revenues through Google ads , it was just today when i opened the website i saw google ads in the website , first i thought I opened a different website. Bombay stock exchange is one of the oldest Asian Stock exchange.We [...]

United Stock Exchange – Derivatives Exchange of India

United Stock Exchange – Derivatives Exchange of India

United Stock Exchange, India’s newest stock exchange, marks the beginning of a new chapter in the development of Indian financial markets.In collaboration with BSE as a strategic partner opened the Newest Derivatives exchange of India. USE represents the commitment of ALL 21 Indian public sector banks, respected private banks [...]

Markets will be closed for Good Friday and Ambedkar Jayanthi

Markets will be closed for Good Friday and Ambedkar Jayanthi,This week on 02/04/2010 Good Friday which is a friday is a holidat for BSe and also the Stock markets in india and again on 14/04/2010 for Ambedkar Jayanti .Two Holidays in April 2010 for Sensex.

Sensex is Closed for Shree Rama Navami

Sensex is Closed and declared holiday for Shree Rama Navami .

Sensex crashes by 490 points

Sensex crashes by 490 points

When the market opened today i almost heard 2 to 3 FII saying indian market is safe not much of downside is not there atleast compared to other world market , i was like ya they say this all the time and on the back they sell the stock to have the market crash , same thing happened today again this doesnt have anything to do with FII statements [...]

Change in Market Timing both in BSE and NSE from January 4th 2009

This is to inform that from January 4th 2009 ,Both NSE and BSE have decided to have the market start opening from 9.00 AM in the morning and have it run until 3.30 PM , this is giving almost 1 hour extra time , this is good news , i always wanted the market to open at 9.00 which will kind of make you busy from 8.30 itself , rather than the normal [...]

2010 Bombay stock exchange BSE Holiday Calendar

2010 Bombay stock exchange Holiday list Holidays Date Day Day 1 New Year 1st January 2010 Friday 2 Republic Day 26th January 2010 Tuesday 3 Mahashivratri 12th February 2010 Friday 4 Holi (2nd Day) 1st March 2010 Monday 5 Ram Navmi 24th March 2010 Wednesday [...]

BSE India New Market Timing

There is a news release from Bseindia that From December 18th 2009 , which is coming friday , the market will open at 9:45 a.m. and close at 3:30 p.m. This was changed from original timing of 9:55 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.It just the market has been given extra 10 minutes.

Mid Month Expiry of Index,Stock Futures and Options.

This is like one of the big change sensex has brought in for index futures and options and Stock futures and options.They have decided to change the expiry of all monthly index futures and options from last Thursday of the month to the third last Thursday of each contract month. Further, expiry date of all Weekly Options Contracts presently [...]

Sensex UP by 507 points

Sensex UP by 507 points

Not sure what changed from yesetrday to today , it was down by 493 points yesterday and up by 507 points today , if you sum it up its like no loss no gain.Global markets recovered today and also comments by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday, 3 November 2009, that there are no immediate plans to place curbs on capital inflows.Stock that [...]

Muhurat Trading Info and Happy Diwali Wishes

Happy Diwali Wishes to Eevryone and Please have a Safe and Sound Diwali . >Lakshmi Puja and Muhurat Trading on Saturday, October 17, 2009 >Lakshmi Puja : 4:00 PM Onwards Muhurat Trading Session Details: Session Start at : Login --> 05 : 15 p.m. 06 : 15 p.m. Continuous Trading --> 06 : 15 p.m. 07 : 15 p.m. Closing --> 07 : 15 p.m. 07 : [...]

Hot Stocks in BSE – Tag Cloud in

Hot Stocks in BSE – Tag Cloud in

Now with the help of bseindia we are able to provide hot stocks in bse by turnover, by volume,by upper freeze, by 52 week high , we are able to provide a cloud of all these stocks on the main page of you see on the right hand side of the screen we have this section when you click on the stock it will stay why its hot in bse and [...]

Sensex hit 10 month high – after Prime Ministers comment on Economic growth

Sensex went high almost 460 points or so to close today at 15127 up by 3.14 percent and which is almost 600 points up from todays low , until 11 or 12 the market was in red and after that it jumped and dint see red at all . The sensex started climbing after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said that India will achieve an economic growth [...]

Market Reached 8 month high – Sensex update for the week

Market reached today for 12th straight week closing postive when yo do a overall week , the market has reached the 8 month high.Backed by strong economic reforms by the newly elected United Progressive Alliance (UPA) governmentand recovery of global market in this week has helped the market to move on the postive range in 4 out of 5 days .Previous [...]

Why Market went up by more than 500 points ?

Sensex ended up 3.83 percent or 520.41 points at 14109.64. The Advance-Decline ratio stood at 7:1. Realty, Banking, Power, Metal and Capital Goods sectors surged in today's trade. Realty ended up 6.17%, Banking ended up 5.15%, Power ended up 4.92, Metal ended up 4.45% and Capital Goods ended up 4.14%.Major Index gainer was Reliance Infra, which [...]

Market Closed Today

Market closed for Mahashivratri on 23rd February 2009 (Monday).

Record Date announced on January 28 2009 for interim dividend

Record Date announced today for the purpose of interim dividend Record date for National Aluminium Company for the purpose of interim dividend announced is 13 February 2009 Record date for Indo Tech Transformers for the purpose of second interim dividend announced is 12 February 2009 Record date for Gujarat Reclaim & Rubber Products for the [...]

Indian Stock Markets are closed today

Indian Stock Markets are closed today on behalf of Moharram on 8th January 2009 (Thursday).

Sensex ends in green after Mumbai Terror Attack

Sensex closed in green after Mumbai terror attack , Today was also considered the last day for the November settlement. It closed the day at 9,092.72 gaining almost 66 points but it really swung like 268.44 points between an high of 9,157.62 and low of 8,889.18.

Sensex and NSE to remain Close thursday after terrorist attack in mumbai

Sensex and NSE to remain Close Thursday after terrorist attack in mumbai,earlier it was told they might have the NSE running and everyone can come there and do the trading now sebi has announced both eh market will remain close due to terrorist attack in various places.Trading on Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange markets will [...]

Sensex crosses 9000 points

Sensex after a very volatile session closed at 9,026.72 index climbed 331.19 points.The sensex was almost up in the last 1 hr , The banking stock helped the sensex reach this level today.ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank shooting up almost more than 8 percent.Anyway tomorrow was settlement in the derivatives segment so they would have tried to long [...]

Sensex Down again after surging 200 points or so

Sensex Down again after surging 200 points or so

Sensex which had almost surged 200 points from starting is in red now , The market opened the day with support from US market and the Stimulas package that was given to Citibank , but now its almost at red .European market is kind of choppy and may be Sensex is retariating that.Yesterday Finance Minister P Chidambaram said that India is [...]

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