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Monday September 1st 2014

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Sensex up by 838 points

Sensex up by 838 points or almost 5.45 percent , this is what will happen if the investor is happy and the global market is also happy , the market returned back gift for the uncertainity drama that was goign in the UPA govenment and also the oil price which is at 125 $ per barrel which was at a high of 147 dollar 2 weeks back.Almost 5 scrip in [...]

UPA Government Wins Confidence Vote in Lok Sabha – What’s Next

UPA Government Wins Confidence Vote in Lok Sabha – What’s Next

Everyone was just looking for the magic number 272 but no it was 275 infact it way above expectation not sure if prominent BJP leaders itself might have voted for UPA .The government needed only 271 but finally it got 4 more with 275 supporting and 256 only opposing it .After winning the vote Manmohan singh dint even give speech as the lok sabha [...]

Left party is left out of Government

Left informed that they have withdrawn support to UPA and for the same they are going to submit the letter to the president of india tomorrow at 12 noon.They are not really getting good vibes from the Prime Minister on the nuclear deal and they dont want to support the UPA to go ahead with the nuclear deal so they are withdrawing support on that [...]

What happened to the market today why this big come back?

The marketĀ  had a very solid comeback after noon with Sensex having its biggest intra-day gain in 3 months. Sensex gained 702 points. The market was like both negative and postive territory when it opened today morning , suddenly the news spread to the whole brouses that congress might have chance to stay in power even after going ahead with the [...]

So finally Saddam Hussein is hanged

So finally Saddam Hussein is hanged

So Saddam Hussein is hanged and not sure why such a hurry may be they don't want to put too many days on this because world wide thr might be people who might support Saddam and that might lead to more problems , so think they just want get this thing over.