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Monday July 28th 2014

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Highest Paid Deposit As on January 2012 -Senior Citizen and Normal Rate

Highest Paid Deposit As on January 2012 -Senior Citizen and Normal Rate InstitutionDurationRateSenior CitizenDeposit Amount Restrictions Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB)1 year-2 years10.510.75 Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB)1 year-2 years10.2510.5Must be atmost Rs. 1 crore Catholic Syrian Bank (CSB)375 days-990 days10.110.6Must be atmost Rs. 50 [...]

Banks Paying High Fixed Deposit Rates as of December 2010

Banks Paying High Fixed Deposit Rates as of December 2010 Bank Name Period of Investment Normal Senior Citizen Allahabad Bank 2 years-3 years 7 7.5 Andhra Bank 3 years 8.6 9.1 Bank Of Baroda (BOB) 445 days-3 years 8.25 8.75 Bank Of India (BOI) 2 years-3 years 8.25 8.75 [...]

RBI Hikes Repo and Reverse Repo by 25 BPS

RBI hikes Repo and Reverse Repo rates by 25 bps to 6.25% and 5.25% respectively; bank provisioning for teaser loans to increase to 2%.However, RBI left the CRR unchanged at 6%. For FY11, the GDP forecast has been kept unchanged at 8.5%. FY11 M3 growth has also been kept unchanged at 17%. RBI has kept FY11 WPI (Old Series) [...]

SBI Bonds – SBI Retail Bonds pay 9.5 Per Cent

State bank of India to launch retail bond in the month of October 2010 .They are planning to have two type of issue in this Retail Bond they are offering. Issue Details PUBLIC ISSUE BY THE STATE BANK OF INDIA (―BANK‖ OR ―ISSUER‖) OF SERIES 1 LOWER TIER II BONDS OF FACE VALUE OF RS. 10,000 EACH AND SERIES 2 LOWER TIER II BONDS OF FACE [...]

Infrastructure Bond – India Infrastructure Bond

After Budget 2010 , Infrastructure Bond is somethign that will get more popular , as Mr Pranab Mukerji has allowed extra Twenty thousand in Infrastructure Bond , as additional investment over and above Rs 1 lakh in 80C. What are Infrastrucure Bonds ? Infrastructure bonds are available through issues of ICICI Bank and IDBI, brought out in the [...]

SBI revises Depost Rates

SBI revises Depost Rates

state bank of india revises deposit rates down by 25 basis points from october 5th 2009 on all its term deposits, this is for all domestic deposit rates below 1 crore.

Bank Paying Highest Interest for Fixed Deposit as of July 26th 2009

Almost a year back in august 2008 i had the same type , the highest interest paid at that time was like 10.25 for Normal citizen and 10.75 for Senior Citizen , now almost after 1 year the the highest interest paid is 8.5 and 8.75 for Normal and Senior Citizen.I have listed both together Normal rate and what is Senior citizen interest rate , I have [...]

State Bank Of india cuts Interest Rate

State Bank of India yeaterday announced that it will be cutting benchmark prime lending rate by 50 basis points to 11.75 per cent with effect from June 29.This is the second bank after Union bank of india , and im sure more banks will follow this .They did cut deposit rate by 25 basis point on june 15th 2009 .

Union Bank cuts Interest rate by 25 basis points

Union Bank of India informed the market yesterday that they have announced a 25-basis-point reduction in PLR to 11.75 per cent, and that will be effective from July 1st 2009 , think Union Bank of india is the first to do it after a long time and this is infact the first bank to do it after the Finance Minister’s meeting with PSU bank chiefs on [...]

TATA Capital NCD -Tata Capital NCD to offer 12 percent interest

Tata Capital NCD Tata Capital informed the market that they are raising Rs 500 crore through a non-convertible debenture issue,which has already opened on February 2nd 2009 and it will be open till February 24th 2009 .they will be allowed to retaining up to 1000 crore if it get over subscribed by more then 500 crore. Open Date : February 2 [...]

Reserve Bank of India Cuts CRR Rate , Repo Rate and Reserve Repo Rate

In order to cope up with the Global recession all the country are doing this almost every month and India which was not really into recession is trying to take all the measure to kepp away from it , But its kind of deeper that expected , Out of the various cuts that Reserve bannk of india has did this is the latest Repor Rate cut To reduce the [...]

SBI reduces Home loan rate

State bank of india announced over weekend that they have cut the BPLR by .75 percent , This means that the BPLR which governs the Home loan lending rate is also cut and now it stands at Loan Rates >9 per cent for loans up to Rs 30 lakh for a period of five years. >For loans that are between period of 5 to 15 years the revised interest rate [...]

Canara Bank Reduces Home Loan Rate by 75 basis points

Canara Bank has informed the market after it reduces the BPLR it has also reduces the Housing loans by 75 basis points sanctioned on or after November 10. For tenures of up to five years, the rate will now be 9.50 per cent for loans up to Rs. 30 lakh and 10.25 per cent for loans above Rs. 30 lakh. This floating rate.

Home loan interest might get cheaper – Banks agree to cut Prime Lending Rate

PSU Bank after meeting with finance minister P.Chidambaram have agree to cut the Prime lending rate by 75 basis points.Not sure it will be straight 75 basis points cut but it will be in the range .So india inc can breath little bit easy ,Credit guarantee on loans will be extended to Rs one lakh crore and deposit rates will be cut by 50 basis [...]

Which Bank is paying the Highest Fixed Deposit Interest

Based on the banks in india this is the list of interest rate they are paying for anything more than 400 to 500 days of deposit .This varies for normal person and those who are senior citizen , help yourself and earn interest through Fixed Deposit . Bank Name Senior Citizen Normal Bank Of Rajasthan 10.75 10.25 State Bank Of [...]