PIPAVAV SHIPYARD up by 8.85 Percent

Pipavav shipyard has everyone knows that SKIL Infrastructure Ltd has planned to buy almost 19.43 percent from Punj Lloyd and the plan is as below.

Pipavav Shipyard Ltd has informed BSE that the Company have been intimated that, SKIL Infrastructure Ltd. (‘SKIL’), SKIL Shipyard Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (‘SKIL Shipyard’) and Punj Lloyd Ltd., have executed a Share Purchase Agreement dated March 27, 2010 pursuant to which Punj Lloyd Ltd. agreed to sell 129,360,538 fully paid up equity shares of Rs. 10/- each of Pipavav Shipyard Ltd. (‘the Company’) representing 19.43% of the paid up share capital of the Company to SKIL and SK1L Shipyard in two tranches, for an aggregate consideration of Rs. 6,564,644,312/-.

And today they have made open offer to public for 61 rs or so which im sure no one will be willing to give atleast now as it has raised by 8.85 percent or so to 69.50 rs and sure tomorrow also its going to raise, i bought 100 of these today after i saw the news at 64 or so .

4 thoughts on “PIPAVAV SHIPYARD up by 8.85 Percent”

  1. they are to raise the offer for what. Until and unless there is no competitive bidder/hostile bidder there no point there would be any rise in price . This is a knee-jerk reaction and same think has happened in case of satyam, uttam galva and maytas infra. Do not expect any increase in price.what you have done is same thing as warren buffett says picking cents in front of road roller. so until you are trying your luck sell

  2. infact I will short sell the stock the stock may be it rises for another day but i pretty sure the stock is gonna fall to sub 60 level within a week’s time once specultor cut their position

  3. ya im not saying it will raise for ever as you said it is just a panic and it might even come down from tomorrow , but sure he will not get any sellers from public, may be if it comes down way below 60 you can see public selling to SKIL

  4. So Vishal what happened finally see for the stock , if you would have put in some cents in there im sure it would have given lot of dollars.

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