2010 T20 World Cup Indian Team Announced

As IPL 2010 is getting heated up day by day , the National selectors have come out with 15 member squad for the T20 2010 World Cup , Its beginning next month in west indies from April 30th 2010 to May 16th 2010 .
2010 Indian T20 World Cup Squad

1.Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Captain and Wicketkeeper)
2.Virender Sehwag (Vice Captain)
3.Gautam Gambhir
4.Yuvraj Singh
5.Suresh Raina
6.Yusuf Pathan
7.Ravindra Jadeja
8.Harbhajan Singh
9.Zaheer Khan
10.Piyush Chawla
11.Dinesh Karthik
12.Ashish Nehra
13.Praveen Kumar
14.Vinay Kumar
15.Rohit Sharma

People who are left from the Squad

Ishant Sharma, S Sreesanth, RP Singh, Pragyan Ojha and Virat Kohli were not picked for the championship’s third edition in the Caribbean from April 30-May 16.

35 thoughts on “2010 T20 World Cup Indian Team Announced”

  1. Robin Uthapa, shekhar dhawan, panday have not been even considered despite their great performance in IPL.

  2. wt a ridiculas selection by srikant……in wt basis asish nehra and vinay kumar r picked ahed of irfan pathan……is injured nehra fit for 20’20…..ohhhhh srikant u have become like a mental indeed..coz u left out robin uthappa as well…..unbelivable ridiculas selection

  3. what about ifranpathan .he is a very talented person . plz reannounced the selection list plzplz plz.

  4. good sunil yaar way selcted piush chawla & yuvraj singh way way way
    pls slected Robin Uthapa, shekhar dhawan

  5. way not slected Robin Uthapa, shekhar dhawan way way way
    pls selected yaar pls pls pls.

    thanks sunil & zeya

  6. 4.Yuvraj Singh
    10.Piyush Chawla
    11.Dinesh Karthik
    12.Ashish Nehra
    14.Vinay Kumar

    these r the worst pics almost out of form guys

    Robin Uthapa
    shekhar dhawan
    irfan pathan
    these guys are in form bloody selectors

  7. BCCI has selected a very week team, both batting & bowling are week.
    I feel this team will not even reach the semi final.
    Srikanth has played some cheep political game.

    Why panday, kholi, utappa are not even considered for selection process?

    What dinesh kartik & nehra will do in T20 ?(They can only pickup balls from outside the boundary when the opponent player hits out of the ground)

    Krishnamachary srikanth you will pay for such non sense team selection. Have you lost your mind ?

  8. Very Very week selection by the Selectors.
    I dont know on wat basis this selection is being done.
    Because if this selection is on the performance basis then virat kohli , RP singh and Irfan pathan should be in the team.

  9. wat rubbish….. Shrikant is out of his mind…….. This should have been the team

    1 sewag 10.zaheer
    2 gambir 11. India has not got good fast bowling
    3 tendulkar attack… I leave it to u guys..


  10. not a proper appropriate selection team….my views for the right team …

    1.Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Captain and Wicketkeeper)
    2.Virender Sehwag (Vice Captain)
    3.Gautam Gambhir
    4.Yuvraj Singh
    5.Suresh Raina
    6.Yusuf Pathan
    7.Manish Panday
    8.Harbhajan Singh
    9.Zaheer Khan
    10.Shikhar Dhawan
    11.Dinesh Karthik
    12.Irfan Pathan
    13.Praveen Kumar
    14.Vijay Murli
    15.Rohit Sharma
    16.Virat Kohli

  11. most important role was played by irfan pathan in 2008 T20 world cup so india team must have irfan pathan .

  12. It realy….f@@@@@g selection by srikant.im nt so good in Cricke bt ..even a 5 year boy or a girl can say dat the selection which he did is not 2 paly in world cup…

    its sim dat he have some personal problem with some of the players…..

    If after looking at this selection the Indian cricke dont take an acsion then…its realy very bad.. n tel srikant 2 fuck any dog… 4 this selection…

  13. 1.Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Captain and Wicketkeeper) (best captain)
    2.Virender Sehwag (Vice Captain)(better)
    3.Gautam Gambhir(ok)
    4.Yuvraj Singh(lets give him a chance)
    5.Suresh Raina(good)
    6.Yusuf Pathan(ok) (*surely)
    7.Ravindra Jadeja(ok) *!($this team cant win the cup$)!*
    8.Harbhajan Singh(ok)
    9.Zaheer Khan(ok)
    10.Piyush Chawla(no)
    11.Dinesh Karthik(no)
    12.Ashish Nehra(no)
    13.Praveen Kumar(no)
    14.Vinay Kumar(ok)
    15.Rohit Sharma(ok)
    where iz uthappa , irfan ,and vijay
    and wher iz uthappa y u hav not considered him….vey well he in very good form now… at 1st t20 world cup he did very well… he strikes very well …. n he is in good form select him (%reselect the team)%

    what a worst selection????
    whats wrong with u srikanth???????
    would u surely like indian team to win ?????? than why this way of selection

  14. This is ok… Team but not to win the world cup… Plz listen what alllll my friends r saying bludy selectorssssssssss…
    Just re-announce the team….

  15. Worst Team selection by Selectors.

    Team should be reannounced if India wants to win T20 WC.
    Uttappa(WK Batsman) Irfan (All Rounder) Atleast these two should be added in Playing Eleven.Dont make blunder mistakes. Pls.

  16. 1.Mahendra Singh Dhoni(ok)(Captain and Wicketkeeper best)
    2.Virender Sehwag (ok)
    3.Gautam Gambhir(good)
    4.Yuvraj Singh(Vice Captain)
    5.Suresh Raina(very good)
    6.Yusuf Pathan(the indian hero)
    7.Ravindra Jadeja change irfan pathan
    8.Harbhajan Singh(ok)
    9.Zaheer Khan(ok)
    10.Piyush Chawla(ok)
    11.Dinesh Karthik change m vijay
    12.Ashish Nehra(ok)
    13.Praveen Kumar(ok)
    14.Vinay Kumar(ok)

  17. I hate Srikant & Dhoni for bringing personal grudges in front of national interest.

    Shame on you for not selecting

    Robin utthapa, Irfan, Murali vijay, pragyan ojha and Naman Ojha

  18. There cannot be any explanation given for not including Robin Utthapa and Irfan Pathan in the Team. They deserve a place in the playing eleven. They are match winners.

    Shame on srikant.

  19. politics is playing in the indian team. please play for our country first and not for everytime money only

  20. This is so heart-breaking…I mean this srikanth is doing bull-shit..he hasn’t selected most of the in-form players.robin utthapa,irfan pathan etc…Bloody srikanth tell us what does yuvraj has done in this whole IPL edition…Just came on crease,wasted deliveries and gone back..how on earth can u select a guy playing like that for a World Cup?? R u out of your mind you bloody politics-playing rascal.n still u have enough guts to speak to media and say “We have selected the best team”…fuck u…I thought u were Indian heroes…shame on u…u don’t deserve to b called an indian…playing just for money..shit…this is so fucked up..

  21. This team selected is good team atlest we guys will reach till semi final.
    1.Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Captain and Wicketkeeper)
    2.Robin Uttapa
    3.Gautam Gambhir(vice captain)
    4.Yuvraj Singh
    5.Suresh Raina
    6.Yusuf Pathan
    7.Manish Panday
    8.Harbhajan Singh
    9.Zaheer Khan
    10.Shikhar Dhawan
    11.pravin ozza
    12.require Fast bowler
    13.Praveen Kumar
    14.Vijay murli
    15.Rohit Sharma
    16.Virat Kohli

  22. Worst of the worst selection of a pagal selector

    Indian team should have

    1. R. Uthappa
    2. M Vijay
    3. Ashwin
    4. I. pathan

    In place of

    1. D. Kartik
    2. Virendra shewag ( as he is injured)
    3. P. Chawla
    4. A Nehra

  23. this should b the team…

    11.pravin kumar
    13.rohit sharma
    14.aashish nehra
    15.virat kohili

  24. 1.ms dhoni

  25. Accordingly Below numbering selete the team for T20 world Cup…….. This is order for High court
    1.Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Captain and Wicketkeeper)3
    2.M.Vijay 2
    3.Gautam Gambhir 1
    4.Sourav Tiwary 5
    5.Suresh Raina 4
    6.Robin Uttappa
    7.Ravindra Jadeja 6
    8.Harbhajan Singh 8
    9.Zaheer Khan 7
    12.Ashok dinda 11
    13.Praveen Kumar 9
    14.Vinay Kumar
    15.Yuvraj Singh 10

    best luck for all grudges……..
    Jai Hind

  26. finally, sharikanth you r proving fatal for indian cricket, as the best team that you selected and hyped in media about having in the team the most strong contenders to bring the 2020 world cup, have come with their heads down. what a shame on you, that you being a selector cant even observe who should be taken and who should not be taken in the team, look yusuf pathan, your favourite player ravinder jadeja, out of form yuvraj sing, murli vijay, a joker harbhajan singh, and jaheer khan they all even dont have body langauge for 2020 kinda games. wat you select man? you fucking the whole indian cricket, finally would ask you, when r u leaving the team on its own fate?

    srikanth please select this team and don’t do the same mistake.

  28. Pathan brothers won a t20 match aganst sri lanka.jadeja can be replaced by irfan.sri kanth please do this replacement.uthapa was very good in ipl.
    Why sri kanth did’nt select him.

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