Precision Pipes IPO Allotment chances

Precision Pipes IPO Allotment will be easy for retail with which its going now at 4.00 clock , its subscribed by 7.2 times as of 4.00 clock max it can go to 10 or so not more than that and with the way how its doing on the retail side it might subscribe by 5 times or 8 times on the retail side not more than that , so allotment might be easy for retail for full application of 1 lac and for some odd lots also allotment might be firm we will decide that after we get the final figure.
Update at 7.30 PM
Total subscription is 10 times but retail is 18 times , so it has become lottery system again .
1 Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) 2678571 13484790 5.0343
2 Non Institutional Investors 803572 6896610 8.5824
3 Retail Individual Investors (RIIs) 1875000 35063145 18.7003