Kaveri Seeds IPO opening On Septemper 6th 2007

klogo.gif Kaveri Seed Company Limited is in the service of Indian farmer for more than three decades now, with a record accomplishment of high performance products and highest quality standards, the Company takes pride in its reputation as a 100-percent Indian Company with a national presence.

About Kaveri IPO
Kaveri Seeds is entering the capital markets with an initial public offering, IPO of 40,00,000 Equity Shares, for cash, at a premium to be decided through a 100% Book Built Issue.
IPO Pricing
The price band for the issue has been fixed at Rs 150/- at lower level and Rs 170/- at upper level for equity share of Rs 10/-.
Issue Date
The issue opens on Sept 06, 2007, and closes for subscription on Sept 11, 2007.

NSDL will SMS your DEMAT Transactions

NSDL is pleased to announce the soft launch of SMS Alert facility for demat account holders from August 10, 2007 whereby a few investors on a pilot basis will be able to receive alerts for debits (transfers) to their demat accounts. Under this facility, investors will be able to receive alerts for the debits (transfers) that have taken place in their demat accounts, a day after the debit (transfer). These alerts will be sent to those account holders who have provided their mobile numbers to their Depository Participants (DPs). Alerts will be sent if the debits (transfers) are up to five ISINs in a day. The full fledged roll-out of this facility for all investors will commence on September 1, 2007.

NSE adds more stocks to Futures and Options Category from September 6th 2007

NSE has decided to add 14 additional stocks to futures & options (F&O) segment with effect from 6 September 2007.
The 14 new stocks include
3i Infotech,
Bhushan Steel,
Havells India,
Lakshmi Machine Works,
NIIT Technologies,
Nucleus Software,
Sasken Communications,
Tech Mahindra,
Tulip IT Services,
Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rhoren
and Yes Bank.

Magnum Ventures IPO oversubscribed by 2.95 times

Magnum Ventures IPO ended with 2.95 times subscription. The issue received total bids for 5.19 crore shares as against 1.76 crore shares on offer.
Subscription Details
The Qualified institutional buyers (QIBs) category was subscribed 2.34 times.
The non institutional investors category was subscribed 3.92 times.
The retail investors category was subscribed 3.38 times.
Price Band Fix
The company had fixed a price band between Rs 27 – Rs 30 per equity share of Rs 10 each.At the Rs 27-30 per share price band, the PE multiple works out in the range of 6.52 – 7.24, based on the year ended March 2007 EPS of Rs 4.15.

Stocks going Ex Dates on August 31st 2007

532696 EDUCOMP SOLN 31-Aug-07 Final Dividend 2
524080 HAR.LEATHER 31-Aug-07 Final Dividend 1
532187 INDUS IND BK 31-Aug-07 Dividend 1
500213 INTERNAT TRA 31-Aug-07 Dividend 3
530773 IVRCL INF PR 31-Aug-07 Dividend 1
509011 LIVINGROOM L 31-Aug-07 Dividend 1
524683 METRO INDUST 31-Aug-07 Dividend 2
590057 NORTHGATE TE 31-Aug-07 BONUS 1:1
530331 PREMCO GLOBA 31-Aug-07 Dividend 1
500464 UCAL FUEL SY 31-Aug-07 Dividend 1
524264 UNIMER INDIA 31-Aug-07 Reduction of Capital

Dividend Announcement on August 30th 2007

530191 Chromatic India Ltd BC 27/09/2007 10% Dividend
524506 Coral Laboratories Ltd. BC 24/09/2007 15% Dividend
530079 Faze Three Ltd. BC 21/09/2007 12% Dividend
532786 GREAT OFFSHORE LIMITED RD 10/9/2007 80% Interim Dividend
522217 Gujarat Apollo Industries Ltd. BC 21/09/2007 20% Dividend
531524 I.C.S.A. (India) Ltd. BC 27/09/2007 38% Final Dividend
517380 Igarashi Motors India Ltd. BC 15/09/2007 15% Dividend
590041 KAVERI TELECOM PRODUCTS LTD. BC 20/09/2007 10% Dividend
532537 Lumax Automotive Systems Ltd. BC 5/9/2007 12% Dividend
507522 Mount Shivalik Industries Ltd. BC 21/09/2007 10% Dividend
531746 Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd. BC 18/09/2007 25% Dividend
530695 Prime Property Development Corporation Ltd. BC 18/09/2007 25% Dividend
532690 Ramsarup Industries Ltd. BC 14/09/2007 5% Final Dividend
531215 RTS Power Corporation Ltd. BC 21/09/2007 5% Final Dividend
513699 Solid Granites Ltd. BC 18/09/2007 8% Dividend
530943 Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Ne BC 20/09/2007 6% Dividend
532384 Tyche Industries Ltd. BC 25/09/2007 15% Dividend
519152 Vadilal Enterprises Ltd., BC 24/09/2007 10% Dividend
512175 Vama Industries Limited BC 26/09/2007 2% Dividend
522267 Veejay Lakshmi Engineering Works Lt BC 19/09/2007 20% Dividend
506720 Zandu Pharmaceuticals Works Ltd BC 8/9/2007 15% Dividend (one-time special dividend)

Phoenix Mills joins hand with Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

shangri_la.JPG Phoenix Mills Ltd has informed the exchange that the Company through its wholly owned subsidiary (Pallazzio Hotels & Leisure Ltd) has signed a hotel management agreement with Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts to operate and manage their upcoming hotel at Lower Parel in Mumbai.

This project will be the first of its kind in the island city, centrally located in the rapidly developing Lower Parel area. Shangri La Hotels and Resorts are regarded as one of the world’s finest hotel management Companies, garnering awards and recognition from prestigious publications and industry partners.

Sobha Developers gets order from Roots Corporation for supplying loose furniture

Sobha Developers Ltd has received the LOI from Roots Corporation Ltd., for supplying loose furniture (Bed, Table, chairs etc) and mattresses for their GINGER HOTELS in the country. The order will be completed in a phased manner over a period of 18 to 24 months.This is the first time im hearing that Sobha Developers are into supplying losse furnitures also , think if this is one of the growing market they might start with a retail store fo losse furniture.

So after going through thr website i found out that it has all these has various divisions.
>Sobha Interiors Division
>Sobha Glazing and Metal Works Division
>Sobha Concrete Products
>Sobha Projects & Trade Division
>Sobha Renaissance Information Technology
>S & T Group – Oman
>Indeset – UAE
>Gulf International Construction & Interiors Company (GICI) – Qatar

Parsvnath PRIDEASIA – Parsvnath Developers launches Parsvnath PRIDEASIA

Parsvnath Developers Ltd has announced the launch of Parsvnath PRIDEASIA, a strategically located project in Chandigarh. With a realization value of approximately USD 1 billion (Rs 4100 crore),The revenue from this project would be realized over a period of three years, including current financial year.
Spread over 123 acres, this project is one-of-its-kind and is an integral part of the Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park. Parsvnath PRIDEASIA is a joint venture between the Company and Chandigarh Housing Board. The project has a saleable residential area of 38.5 lakh sq.ft a commercial area of 2.7 lakh sq.ft and a club, sports centre and a water sports complex of 2 lakh sq.ft.

IT People – withdraws the Public issue FPO

IT People – which i was saying that will be extended because it was not fully subscribed, instead of extending they have taken a decision of withdrawing it .This is what they had given to the Bourses “Khandwala Securities Ltd & Religare Securities Ltd (Book Running Lead Managers (BRLM’s)) for the Further Public Issue of the Company, have informed BSE that the Company has decided not to proceed with the issue, in terms of para 2 appearing on page no 112 of the Red Herring Prospectus”.

Stocks Going Ex Dates on August 30th 2007

532696 EDUCOMP SOLN 31-Aug-07 Final Dividend 2
524080 HAR.LEATHER 31-Aug-07 Final Dividend 0.5
532187 INDUS IND BK 31-Aug-07 Dividend 0.6
500213 INTERNAT TRA 31-Aug-07 Dividend 3
530773 IVRCL INF PR 31-Aug-07 Dividend 1
509011 LIVINGROOM L 31-Aug-07 Dividend 1
524683 METRO INDUST 31-Aug-07 Dividend 2
590057 NORTHGATE TE 31-Aug-07 BONUS 1:1
530331 PREMCO GLOBA 31-Aug-07 Dividend 0.8
500464 UCAL FUEL SY 31-Aug-07 Dividend 1
524264 UNIMER INDIA 31-Aug-07 Reduction of Capital

Dividend Announcement on August 29th 2007

524091 Acrysil Ltd. BC 20/09/2007 15% Dividend
519183 ADF Foods Limited. BC 19/09/2007 10% Final Dividend
530721 ANG Auto Limited BC 24/09/2007 20% Final Dividend
511605 Arihant Capital Markets Ltd. BC 22/09/2007 15% Dividend
500102 Ballarpur Industries Ltd., BC 23/11/2007 15% Final Dividend
522059 Champagne Indage Ltd., BC 22/09/2007 21% Dividend
590001 Chettinad Cement Corporation Ltd. BC 18/09/2007 75% Dividend
532322 Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd BC 20/09/2007 25% Dividend
530323 Era Constructions (India) Ltd. BC 25/09/2007 20% Dividend
509550 Gammon India Ltd., BC 14/09/2007 5% Final Dividend
506480 Gulf Oil Corporation Ltd. BC 24/09/2007 75% Dividend
524080 Haryana Leather Chemicals Ltd., BC 14/09/2007 5% Final Dividend
532859 HTMT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED BC 18/09/2007 50% Dividend
524342 Indo Borax & Chemicals Ltd., BC 20/09/2007 15% Final Dividend
507789 Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Limited, BC 25/09/2007 2% Dividend
532268 Kale Consultants Ltd BC 17/09/2007 12.5% Dividend
526409 Kalpana Industries Ltd. BC 18/09/2007 20% Dividend
500108 Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd., BC 21/09/2007 10% Final Dividend
523792 Mazda Ltd. BC 22/09/2007 15% Dividend
513377 MMTC Ltd., BC 15/09/2007 25% Final Dividend
520059 Munjal Auto Industries Ltd. BC 19/09/2007 50% Dividend
532234 National Aluminium Co. Ltd., BC 18/09/2007 25% Dividend
532672 Paradyne Infotech Ltd. BC 15/09/2007 12% Final Dividend
532675 Prithvi Information Solutions Ltd. BC 24/09/2007 10% Final Dividend
532841 SAHYADRI INDUSTRIES LTD. BC 20/09/2007 10% Dividend
512453 Shri Jagdamba Polymers Ltd BC 24/09/2007 10% Final Dividend
532691 Tulip IT Services Ltd. BC 25/09/2007 20% Final Dividend
507856 Uniproducts (India) Ltd., BC 14/09/2007 12% Dividend
519156 Vadilal Industries Ltd., BC 24/09/2007 12% Dividend
514302 Vippy Spinpro Ltd. BC 21/09/2007 5% Dividend
532372 Virinchi Technologies Ltd. BC 25/09/2007 5% Dividend
512587 Zodiac-JRD-MKJ Ltd. BC 21/09/2007 5% Dividend

Dow Jones gained almost 250 points – Asian Market also Rebounds

On Wednesday US Stocks rebounded sharply as investors, growing more positive of a chances for an interest rate cut, and was doing bargains after the previous session’s huge tumble. The Dow Jones industrials gained almost 250 points.
Japanese shares rose sharply early Thursday, leading a broad rally in Asia, as exporters such as Honda Motor Co. and Sony Corp. recovered some lost ground from the previous day’s decline as the yen slipped against the U.S. dollar.
On Wednesday on Wall Street,
The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) surged 247 points, or 1.9%, to 13,289.
The S&P 500 index (SPX) rose 31 points to 1,463 and
The Nasdaq Composite (RIXF) added 62 points at 2,563.

Market gave a good come back , up by 73 points from down of 240 points

Sensex gave a solid recovery from day’s low when it opened, on retailers support and good stocks buying with short covering in derivatives market.When it opened it was sure signal of down market as a drop in US stocks overnight driven by credit concerns, US housing data and Consumers confidence numbers worried the market. So there was aglobal melt down but soon European market recovered which also can be one of the reason that indian market also recovered.
The BSE 30-share Sensex advanced 73 points or 0.53% to 14,998.56.It had opened lower at 14,651.49 and slipped further to hit a low of 14,592.11. At the day’s low of 14,592.11, Sensex had declined 327.08 points for the day.

Tata Steel stocks get charged after it announced a good Q1 FY08 results

In Q1 FY08 it has reported a net profit of Rs 6338 crore versus Rs 1013.9 crore on YoY basis. During the corresponding quarters, its net sales were up at Rs 31154 crore versus Rs 5747.7 crore. Its OPM was at 15.74% versus 29.8% during the corresponding quarters, YoY.
Other Income :
It consists of extraordinary item of Rs 4121 crore on acturial gains due to increase in yield rates on bonds held by various pension Funds of Corus. In Q1, there was interest cost of Rs 892 crore versus Rs 55.36 crore, on YoY basis. Included interest charge of Rs 725 crore on loans taken for financing acquisition of Corus.

Eveready Industries sells 15 ACRE land to HDIL for 115 crore

Eveready Industries India Ltd has informed bourses today that they had entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Housing Development & Infrastructure Ltd, (HDIL) for the transfer and / or assignment of its right, title and interest under a lease for land at Navi Mumbai, for the residue unexpired period of the lease, subject to necessary clearances, approvals and such like requirements at a consideration of Rs 115,00,000. The Company is receiving an upfront payment of Rs 11,50,000 as earnest money for the same, on execution of the MOU.This will go to other income for Eveready Industries.

REI Agro up by 11 percent after news of demerger to REI Six Ten Retail

Rei Agro Ltd has considered the proposal to transfer the retail undertaking of the Company i.e. the Company’s business, activities and operations pertaining to retail business of the Company as a going concern and by way of a demerger to REI Six Ten Retail Ltd (“RSTRL”) in consideration for which RSTRL will issue shares and global depository receipts (“GDRs”) to the shareholders and GDR holders, respectively, of the Company.
The Board of Directors of the Company also approved that pursuant to the scheme of demerger, the paid up capital of the Company shall be reduced by canceling a sum of Rs 4 from each paid up Equity share of Rs 10 each and thereafter consolidating 5 Equity Shares of Rs 6/- each of the Company into 3 Equity Shares of Rs 10/- each fully paid-up in the Company.Book closure of the same will be announced when its formalised.